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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Zman Repack Box & Contest - Pack 6: 1988 Score

Running a little late tonight folks. No one picked a pack for today so I flipped a coin and '88 Score won the toss. Here are the pack rankings so far:

1 90 Score
2 90 Donruss
3 89 Topps
4 88 Donruss
5 89 Donruss

The trivia also proved to be difficult last night. I didn't realize it would be so hard to pick out one of these paragons of the game:

Who woulda thunk Rudy Seanez would outlast them all?

Here's the point standings:

Chris Harris 2 points
MMayes 2 points
Bay Rat North West 1 point
Don 1 point
Madding 1/2 point
MDA 1/2 point
Night Owl 1/2 point

These points will be added to points you get for correctly predicting the pack rankings. The winner will get... what did I say the winner will get again? I forget. You'll find out I guess. Here's tonight's trivia question:

Here's an interesting letter to the Editor in the issue:

You can click on the image to enlarge it and get a better look. I've blanked out part of the letter for this question. Here's the essential passage in case you don't want to squint at the image:

The Topps Company has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that it will exploit any misery, profit on any disaster, in order to make a quick buck. The latest obscenities that they have foisted upon the public are the ____________ cards.

Tonight's Trivia Question:

Fill in the blank with the correct card/product.


1/2 a point to everyone who can make me laugh Match Game style. To get the bonus you must at least make me stifle an audible laugh.

As you can see this contest is wide open here. Here's the pack:

108 Les Straker 5¢
5 Mark McGwire $1.00
20 Tony Fernandez 5¢
151 Scott Bradley 5¢
169 Cecil Cooper 10¢
171 Pat Sheridan 5¢
21 Fisk Smacks Dramatic HR 0¢
264 Luis Salazar 5¢
296 Bill Wegman 5¢
304 Paul O'Neill 10¢
372 Spike Owen 5¢
388 Mike Felder 5¢
392 Jose Rijo 5¢
538 Walt Terrell 5¢
542 Joe Boever 5¢
447 Greg Booker 5¢
612 Shawn Hillegas 5¢
628 Pete Stanicek 5¢

Total Book Value: $1.90

That extra dime of book value from a larger pack size might end up being critical. I love this set but all my Score cards are a disaster after my Election Night Special. I really need to sit down and sort out this set once and for all. Here are the best three:

Mark McGwire

This is the thing that pisses me off about the Hall of Fame voting. The writers have absolutely no problem with completely ignoring Big Mac's body of work and refusing to vote for him over his trainwreck performance in front of the Congressional Committee To Meddle In Useless Things In A Time Of War. Ok, fine. Drugs are bad, even if there's no hard proof he took anything illegal at the time. Whatever, it's their vote. However, they simultaneously refuse to vote for Dale Murphy - the cleanest athlete on the face of the earth - because he was two homers short of a round number and he was lousy the last couple years of his career. BBWAA voters: you're all fucking idiots. ALL of you.

Do You Remember: Fenway Park October * 21 * 1975 *

This card is essentially worthless, but it's PUDGE in his greatest moment.

Four Way Tie For Third

Blue uni on a blue bordered card...
Red uni on a red bordered card...
Green uni on a green bordered card...
And an orange uni on an orange bordered card.
I love Score.

Last pack tomorrow: 1990 Fleer.


Groat said...

Desert Storm Cards

Actually, my local card shop has a box of these lying around.

dayf said...


And everybody's local card shop has a box of these lying around.

Anonymous said...

Gene Rayburn: Let's see how our star-studded celebrity panel answered this question: "The latest obscenities that they have foisted upon the public are the ____________ cards."

Nipsey Russell: Moments & Milestones

Bret Somers: 2008 Stadium Club

Charles Nelson Reilly: Kazuo Uzuki

Betty White: Poley Walnuts

Richard Dawson: Alex Gordon

Fannie Flagg: Desert Storm

You said you wanted it Match Game style!

Chris Harris said...


That was me.

Jeffrey Wolfe said...

I have five packs of that crap sitting next to my computer monitor that some joker sent me as a "bonus" with one of my eBay orders. I dunno whether to open them, try to sell them, give them away in a contest, or just randomly hide them in a bubble mailer to some unsuspecting blogger like the dude who sent them to me did.

Don said...

Reverse negative gimmick subset of dual sport all star players who were overhyped in at least one sport

Don said...

My mother actually purchased a set of those cards for me as a gift for when I came home from the gulf that year. I don't know what happened to them. Must have lost them during one of my many moves over the years.

William Noetling said...

Desert Storm is the answer.

Also - match game stylee:

Johann Santana No Hit Cards
Upsidedown Fukudomes
Garbage Pail Kids

dayf said...

Don & Chris get half a point each. Don for going completely over the top and Chris for the thought of Betty White saying "Poley Walnuts" and the inevitable comments that would ensue from Charles and Richard.

Bay Rat North West said...

Paul O'Neill Baby!

Nipsey Russell: E.T. The Extra Testicle! What??

Bret Somers: (Drags on the cig) Gotta be Star Wars! Love that C3PO "mistake." Could use one of those tonight!

Charles Nelson Reilly: Ooooooo! That dirty lady needs to take her mind out of the Garbage Pail Kids!

Betty White: What's an E.T.?

Richard Dawson: Survey Saaaaaays: Rambo!

Fannie Flagg: In that English accent - I can imagine nothing causing more nightmares amongst little kippers as Return To Oz cards.

dayf said...

Bay Rat:

+ 1/2 point for making me laugh and choke at the same time.

- 9000 points for putting the image of Bret Somers and C3P0 doin' the Bow-chicka-WOW-wow in my mind.