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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Perm Is Back

Don Sutton is back in the Braves' radio booth for '09. He's no Pete Van Weiren (who is?) but he's damn good and a familiar voice. He never would have left if it weren't got the TBS debacle. If Lemke is back on the pregame show I will be very happy in '09.

(you guys deserved some images after the Walls O' Text I've inflicted upon you today)


Kevin said...

Don Sutton was one of the only thing that made all of those execrable Nats games on MASN watchable. He reminded me of the good ol' days of TBS Braves games, before they shifted them all to Peachtree and Turner South or whatever the crap. Ugh. Now MASN is replacing Sutton with...ROB DIBBLE. Eeesh.

night owl said...

Yeahhh! He's back! Of course with TBS scrapping its national Brave coverage, this doesn't mean much to me, I guess. But listening to 5 games of Sutton is 5 games more than I heard last year.