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Sunday, January 18, 2009

1992 National

Chris Harris got the trivia question correct, the National was held in Atlanta in '92. The trivia standings are now:

Chris Harris: 2
Bay Rat North West: 1
Night Owl: .5

It's entirely possible that the trivia will decide the winner of the contest so get ready to answer at 9pm tonight when I post the '89 Topps pack. Before that, I do want to show you the article announcing the decision:

Pretty normal stuff, tells you the dates, that it's located in the Georgia World Congress Center, gives info on how Exhibitors can sign up and touts the local 'attractions' AKA Underground Atlanta, CNN, Coke and our famous zoo which back then was only famous for being horrible. We didn't always have pandas, folks. We had Willie B. bored as hell and polar bears roasting in a concrete enclosure. The very first paragraph even touts Atlanta's recent award of the 1996 Olympics, and then follows that up with this:

Oh SNAP! They done told us! Ha Ha! The Braves are teh s uck!

Did I mention this issue came out in May 1991?



MMayes said...

I see what you mean. That's a statement that seemed a little ridiculous at the time, kind of like thinking Tampa could have a winning season. Oops. Well, maybe writing that the Royals are going to contend in the Central. From 1975 - 1990, the Braves had winning seasons in 1980 (81-80), 1982 (89-73) and 1983 (88-74).

It was funny to see the Braves bring Bobby Cox back because he finished last twice and 4th once (hard to see who finished what in 1981).

dayf said...

The 2008 Rays and 1991 Braves have a lot in common. Tampa fans get to look forward to 4 more World Series appearances, a dozen or so playoff appearances and the mockery of the world that they only won ONE championship. Those lousy Rays!