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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Zman Repack Box & Contest - Pack 3: 1990 Score

The Donruss so far has not been stellar. I'm shifting gears to Score by request. Everyone knows the biggies in this set: Frank Thomas and Bo. I've never pulled a Thomas rookie out of this despite many attempts. Even though I have the card, I still just want to PULL it. Know what I mean? Let's see if this pack can break a dollar in book value. Score has an extra card in the pack, so they've got that 5¢ common bonus at least. First, the 1 point bonus question:

Tuff Stuff Trivia Question:

In the news section, there was an article announcing the city that would host the 1992 National card show. What city was it?

Now, let's open the pack:

46 Dave Magadan 5¢
245 Wade Boggs 25¢
248 Norm Charlton 5¢
MVP 48 Lefty Grove 0¢
468 Gregg Jefferies 25¢
452 Andy Allanson 5¢
448 Mookie Wilson 5¢
194 Dave Righetti 5¢
197 Bud Black 5¢
192 Tim Wallach 5¢
369 Greg Hibbard 5¢
371 Jeff Brantley 5¢
389 Darren Daulton 5¢
565 Rich Monteleone 5¢
580 Randy McCament 5¢
585 Greg Vaughn 60¢

Total 1991 Book Value: $8.20

Don called it! I got the Bo! The guys who picked the '90 score as the #1 pack are rejoicing. a $6.50 card (in 1991 money) is going to be tough to beat. The '89 Donruss Griffey Jr. only booked $6.00. Remember, if you haven't already made a guess at the pack rankings, you can still do so now and only receive a 2 point penalty. Here's the top three cards:


Do I even need to say anything about this card?

Wade Boggs

Is it just me or does the red border with yellow frame and purple highlights just look plain ridiculous? I think it's the purple that does the design in.

Greg Vaughn

Raise your hand if you ever opened a pack hoping for Mo and getting Greg. Can you believe he hit 355 home runs? People only remember the Devil Rays days and forget all those homers he hit in Milwaukee and San Diego. I don't think this was his actual rookie card though.

Well, this is certainly the best pack so far. Leave a comment on what you want to see next: '90 Donruss, '89 Topps, '90 Fleer or '88 Score.Don't forget to answer the trivia question!


Chris Harris said...

The 1992 National was in Atlanta.

Jeffrey Wolfe said...

Hooray! You got the Bo in shoulder pads!

Jeffrey Wolfe said...

Oh I think you should bust '89 Topps next.

Captain Canuck said...

1990 Donruss! I still need 2 damn cards for my set!!!!

jacobmrley said...

did you know: the alumni president of auburn bids on lots of the Bo 697 card and has him sign them for alums, charity auctions, etc. i found this out the old fashioned way, i sold him some on ebay.

Anonymous said...

Dude, 90 score was awesome for the rookies: Kevin Mass, John Olerud, Cal Eldred, Eddie Zosky and of course, Mo Vaughn, Greg Vaughn and Frank Thomas.

dayf said...

Chris got it... he's going to take the prize if you all don't get on the ball.