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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

1985 Donruss Rack Pack - Part 2

Skeeter's in the hizzy!The first section had a Hall of Famer, a Veteran's Committee selection in 2025 and a Diamond King. What's in the second section? Rookies? All-Stars? Nothing in particular? Let's find out...

530 Skeeter Barnes - The original Crash Davis. He also apparently has a barbeque joint in Nebraska named after him.

399 Charlie Leibrandt - This photo looks unholy. Everything's out of focus except his face and those eerie Village of the Damned eyes.

268 Ernie Whitt - One of about 137 otherwise decent catchers who played horribly the moment they put on a Braves uniform.

136 Kevin Bass - The Astros stripes go well with the Donruss stripes, don't you think?

613 Joe Cowley - The Yankees logo is covering up the Olan Mills logo.

32 John Morris Rated Rookie - John didn't make his debut until 1986 and he did it with St. Louis, but he made The Show!

39 Shawon Dunston Rated Rookie - Yeah! Our first good rookie! Good being a relative term, of course. I thought he was good at least. He was the #1 overall pick in 1982. You have to appreciate the Sealy Posturepedic ad in the background if nothing else.

89 Jim Sundberg - The backs of these cards have the player's contract status, a stat that would be useful today. Jim was signed to a 10 year contract throu 1990. By 1988 he had been traded twice and cut by the Cubs.

567 Dan Gladden - I'm Gladden I got his card! Haw Haw! Dang, tough crowd...

436 Frank Viola - Frank was a damn good pitcher. Not much more to say than that.

304 Jose Cruz - Jose Cruz was the Astros back in the '80s. I didn't realize his son played a few games with the 'stros last season.

173 Don Baylor - Man, this pack is loaded with solid non-superstar type players. I could have sworn Don played a season with the Braves, but I must be confusing that with his time as the Bravos' hitting coach. The Braves brought in so many washed up old players at the end of their careers in the late '80s that it would be plausible.

531 Randy Johnson - who will forever more be known as "No, the other one".

400 Tom Burgmeier - Tom was a good lefty reliever. Every team needs one, but no one collects 'em.

372 Bob Welch - Yet another solid player. I got another Cy Young winner along with Viola. I bet I could put togather a pennant winning team with the players out of this rack pack.

58 59 60 - Lou Gehrig's feet.

Another good section, I wish I had bought a couple more of these things now. Is the Clemens hiding in the last section? You'll find out tomorrowish maybe as long as I don't get swamped with work.


Jeffrey Wolfe said...

I'm kinda surprised Boggs is the only decent pull so far, I have a feeling the third blister will make up for it. I love the publicity still of Joe Cowley. Is it me or are Dunston's stirups too close together? It's amazing how that Rated Rookie logo made us kids thought we got something sprecial when all we got was a card of some bum who would be out of the bigs in two years.

Anonymous said...

Dunston was one of my favorites back in the day...he was a great TTM signer and played for my favorite team at the time.