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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Blogroll Screwups

There's a bunch of blogs that I thought I had posted to the blogroll, but aren't there. I've looked through my stuff and have finally added:

Wrigley Wax

I Heart Halos

Crackin Wax

Wait Till Next Year

Goose Joak (who alerted me to my linkage issues)

The Infield Dirt

Chuck's Used Cards

Green Monster

87 Donruss

MLB Collector

Darryl Strawberry Fields

The Pursuit of 80's(ness)

The Pursuit of Red Sox

The Player To Be Named Later

If you requested that I add your blog any time in December, check to see if it's up there. If it isn't you'll have to request it again because I forgot about it or screwed it up somehow. Actually that's pretty good for anybody who sent me an e-mail about anything in December. Send it again, 'cause I goofed it somehow.

Adding these blogs upped the count to 140 on the Daily Reading list. This is too many. These blogs haven't posted anything in the past 4 months and are out of Daily Reading.
They will still be in the Blogroll though. If any of them become active again, I'll put them back in Daily Reading.

If you're not on the list or I just took you off and wish to file a protest, you know the drill. Click on the profile and e-mail me.


Steve said...

Thanks for updating your blogroll -no apologies necessary, we are all in this together. Happy 2009 ! http//:www.wait-til-next-year.blogspot.com

Dave said...

Thanks dayf!

Bay Rat North West said...

Cubs fans?
Joe is sadder than Charlie Brown after no letter from the Red Headed Girl.
Do do do, do do do.