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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Zman Repack Box & Contest - Pack 7: 1990 Fleer

Ok, last pack for the contest. There will be no trivia tonight, but if you want me to keep doing weird questions occasionally from old magazines for gits and shiggles let me know. Here's the final trivia standings:

Chris Harris 2.5 points
MMayes 2 points
Bay Rat North West 1.5 points
Don 1.5 points
Groat 1 point
Madding 1/2 point
MDA 1/2 point
Night Owl 1/2 point

These points will be added to the pack ranking totals. And here's the rankings going into the final pack:

90 Score
90 Donruss
88 Score
89 Topps
88 Donruss
89 Donruss

Can Fleer catch up to 1990 Score? Even if I pull the top three valued cards from 1991 (Dave Justice RC - $2.75, Kevin Maas RC -$2.00 and Ken Griffey Jr $1.75) it'd still have a ways to go to pass Score. Let's rip.

Yankees sticker 0¢
227 Danny Darwin 5¢
136 Wally Joyner 10¢
85 Jimmy Key 5¢
17 Gene Nelson 5¢
570 Jeff Parrett 5¢
94 Todd Stottlemyre 5¢
472 Bill Landrum 2¢
366 Allan Anderson 2¢
652 Matt Kinzer & Wayne Edwards Major League Prospects 5¢
477 Rick Reed 5¢
510 Keith Comstock 5¢
253 Willie McGee 5¢
267 Mike Boddicker 5¢
587 Steve Rosenberg 5¢
425 Rick Mahler 2¢

Total Book Value: 74¢

Worst pack by far. Wally Joyner is the only player who can even remotely be considered a star. Three cards are damaged, Mahler by wax and Landrum and Allenson have a ding on the left side. Oh God, how to pick three cards from this pack...

Wally Joyner

Wally's star faded, but he's still an Atlanta native who had a pretty nice career.

Jimmy Key

He was pretty good I guess. He beat the Braves three times in the World Series, the jerk.

Todd Stottlemyre

I think I pulled three of his cards out of seven packs. This one is interesting due to the noirish shadows.

OH MY LORD THAT PACK SUCKED. Here are the final rankings:

#1 1990 Score $8.20
#2 1990 Donruss $5.25
#3 1988 Score $1.80
#4 1989 Topps $1.70
#5 1988 Donruss $1.02
#6 1989 Donruss 77¢
#7 1990 Fleer 74¢

Give me a few minutes to calculate the scores and I'll post the winner.

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madding said...

Well, I predicted the "best" and "worst" packs correctly, so I'm satisfied with the results.