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Tuesday, January 13, 2009


AKA: Gettin' My Act Together 2009 - Part 3: Organization

For the next week or two posts are going to be sporadic. I have a ton of organizing to do and work and home stuff are eating up most of my free time. Don't worry, I'm not going dark for a month, but don't expect 3 -6 posts a day for a while. There's just a lot of lifting and moving and hauling and assembling to do that can't be done in front of a PC. This is really the best time to do it since there ain't nothing going on in the baseball card world right now. Yeah I know, we're all mad because Masterpieces is gone and X is still here but what's really going on? Not a damn thing until '09 Upper Deck and Topps come out. Then you got new cards and Spring Training and the World Baseball Classic and Opening Day and a dozen products coming out and it's better to do all this stuff now rather than then.

The two main things I have to get done card-wise this week is to get everything physically moved to where it's supposed to be, and to get some damn packages in the mail . I've got packages to Chris Harris, Eric Slette, Jack Plumstead and two other guys together and in bubble mailers and I just need to get them to the post office already. There's about 5 other piles going to various other people and then there's the trade offers piling up. And the trade page that needs updating. Then there's all the Christmas giveaway stuff. A quick note on this - when I said 'Christmas giveaway' I meant 'Christmas 2009'. Yeah, that's the ticket. At any rate, I can promise you that they will all be out by then. I hope. So you won't be too mad if I take a little less time blogging and a little more time packaging for a couple weeks, mmmmkay?

I'm not just getting trade stuff organized (although that is first priority until it's done) I've got a few other projects I really want to have done this year. Here's the biggies in order of importance.


I don't think it's a secret that Chipper Jones is my favorite player. I dare say that Chipper is so entrenched as my favorite player that if he were to purposely throw games for money, kick Bobby Cox in the junk, sign an affidavit for MLB that Glavine and Justice were on 'roids during the '95 season prompting Bud to revoke our title and give it to the Indians, sign with the Mets for less money and declare that the Eagles were the best band ever, I'd still be a fan. Sheeeeit, I'd be wearing a damn Mets cap and trying to learn the chords to Tequila Sunrise. So obviously, I've got a lot of Chipper cards. Ever see one of those 3200 monster boxes with three rows? I've got one of those completely filled with Chippers in toploaders and they still won't all fit. So, what I'm gonna do it catalog all of them, and post 'em here with as many images as I feel like scanning. That way, they're all in order, I know what I've got and you know what I've got. And Captain Canuck has Grand Mal seizures of joy. I've got over 2/3rd of them sorted, once I finish that I'll start posting. Then I'll finally be able to compare my Chippers with Mario's Cansecos and all the other epic player collections out there. Like everything else I'm doing this year I have a second goal to shoot for after this one is finished. Once Chipper is done I'm starting on Brian McCann.


Ok, I'm going to go through with it. I am going to collect every single Mark Lemke card ever made other than 1/1s. I looked over a player checklist and it looks like there are about 250 Lemmer cards or so. I can do that. The main difficulty I'll have is finding the ones I have. I'll be honest, I'm not sure where the heck most of them are. As I find them though, I will scan them and post them and gently caress them and carefully place them in a binder and hug them and squeeze them and love them. Something like 95% of his cards are from the '90s though, so I'll have to do some serious excavating of my old junk to find a lot of them. Like with the Chipper, I'll be posting a list of what I have. After I get Lemmer sorted, I'll start on Bobby.


The stars are all somewhat together, and the team sets are all right, but the rest is a colossal mess. I gotta get them orderly and figure out what doubles I have so I can get rid of 'em. Once I get them in order I can start cataloguing like Steve does with his Sox and David does with his Indians. I have no plans for when this is done, for this will never be truly done. At least not in my lifetime.


I want to get them in some semblance of order so I can find stuff off people's wantlists. Main goals are to get the Topps/UD/Donruss/Fleer base sets in order for the older stuff and the bigger set building stuff together for the recent years, like A&G, Heritage, etc. This will not be all that hard, it will just be extremely tedious when I start sorting them numerically for easier access. It's gotta be done though and a little work now will mean a lot less work down the line.


Getta get the want lists completely accurate and online. Gotta get all the sets into binders. Gotta get all my piles of doubles together for trading. Gotta do it all again for the Bowman Heritage.

So that's what I've got planned for the next few months. Think I'll do it or will I get bored by Valentines Day and let it all slide?

Oh, one other thing... There's a poll in the top right corner that some of you may have noticed. That's going to be the box break to keep us all entertained while we're waiting for Heritage. Yes, Heritage, I'm not buying a box of Topps this year or possibly ever again. Certainly not the day it comes out anymore. Sorry, Topps burned me one too many times last year. Anyway, there are four choices. the one I'd prefer to do is on top, but you all seem to like the "from this century" option so far. I actually have all the options on hand so once a decision is made, I'll start posting wither next week or the week after. Choose wisely though, this is the stuff that will get you though the long days before the '09 stuff comes out.

Ok, one more thing. You may have noticed there has been no card of the week for the past two weeks. That's on hiatus 'till February. I'm not giving up on it, I'm just giving it a rest for a while until I get everything else together. One question though - would you like me to keep the super long lists over there or condense them into one "Card of the Week" link? I'm leanign toward keeping them, but that sidebar is getting junky and could use some straightening up. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some crap to haul...


Andy said...

Not going dark for a month? Should I take that as a personal shot?

dinged corners said...

The posting-less-frequently aspect is sad news for anyone who enjoys reading baseball card blogs, made a teensy bit less sad by the thought of you wearing a Mets hat.

night owl said...

I think you're going to have to condense the card of the weeks at some point. It'll get absolutely crazy eventually.

If you still post once or day, or even 4 or 5 times a week, I'm happy. (I'm still happy if you don't. No pressure. NO PRESSURE).

Sooz said...

Regarding Chipper Jones: I honeslty feel as though I pull a card of his out of every single pack I open.

If you're looking for Chipper trade (since I have no problem parting with my Pacific Christmas Ornaments), I'm looking for Jeter cards. Always looking for Jeter cards.

You could do what I do when it comes to organizing. Keep the computer in the same room and go back and forth.

I would be lost without my comp.

dayf said...

Andy: Not a shot, just warning everyone. There was a real possibilty when I wrote that that my next post wouldn't be 'till the weekend and when a blogger goes from 5 posts a day to nothing, readers get twitchy.

DC: When Chipper moves on (note I said when) the first thing I'm doing is buying a cap of his new team and following that one as my secondary team for the rest of his career. I'm hoping it's to a team I already like, like the White Sox or the Indians, but I'll wear a Met cap if need me. Yogi and Casey were Mets, after all...

Night Owl: there other places i can condense first, but yeah, by 2015 it would get a bit nuts. Not promising, but I think I can swing at least once a day assuming nothing explodes. I have my UDX cartoon coming up soon.

Sooz: Even though Tatiana got a decent chunk of Jeters already, I still have plenty to spare for Chippers. Once I get the '08s organized, I'll shoot you an e-mail. I just opened a pack you'd be interested in anyway.

Ok, back to bubble mailers...