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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Now take a look at what you didn't win

Readers chose the Mystery box over the Upper Deck fat pack blaster. Here's a quick run down of the sheer cardboard perfection you gave up. Yes, I bought the blaster and then let you guys pick because I am an idiot.

Base cards in the box: 165

Base cards I actually needed: 37

Infield Power inserts in the box: 10

Number of Infield Power Inserts that other people might want 'cause I sure don't want 'em: 3

Yankee Stadium Barrrrrrrf: 5

Ok, there was one good one:

You know I have to post this now:

Tears shed over dropping $20 on this mess instead of a regular UD blaster where I would have gotten a crappy jersey card at least: 4

There was a silver lining, I have all my 2008 Upper Deck Doubles sorted out finally so I can start checking people's wantlists. As for posting my 2008 UD wantlist? I'll get to that eventually.


Flash said...

What YSL cards did you end up getting? Maybe we can figure out a trade for them?

Flash said...

Oh and let me know what UD 2008 cards you need when you get that sorted out. I have boatloads of them.

Duane said...

I've been able to pick up those fat pack blasters for $10.99. I guess I am getting a good deal.