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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dirty Lowedown

Awwwww yeah bitches, WE GOTS US A ROTATION!!!

(called it!)


Dave - Fielder's Choice said...

He's a little old to be getting a 4-year deal for that kind of money, but good luck to the Braves :)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Atlanta gave him the fourth year. The Mets have enough old guys signed to too many years.

Hopefully he works out for you. The NL East was more fun when the Braves were actually decent.

Jimmy Rollins and Chase Utley are trying, but it's just not as fun to hate the Phillies. ;)

Anonymous said...

Had Lowe signed with the Mets, we would've picked up a little better than the 37th and 49th picks in return. Stupid protected draft picks!

Jeffrey Wolfe said...

I agree w/Fielder's Choice. When I first saw this on the crawler I thought isn't he 35? He's getting 15 mill? Are the Braves desperate to wipe the egg off their faces from Smoltz so they throw all their money at the first big name they can sign? But you know what. You need pitching, he's a proven winner, he's healthy and it sends a good sign to your fan base that the Braves still want to compete with the big boys. I say more power to the Braves and I hope he gives you four strong years.

dayf said...

The Lowe signing ensures that in 2009, the Braves will be competitive in the NL East. The addition might even make our 2010 rotation incredible. 2011 and 2012 will figure themselves out.

It was also good strategically for two reasons:

1) the Mets didn't get him.
2) we didn't have to turn to Oliver Perez by missing out on him, which would have resulted in another draft pick going to the Mets. The Dodgers can have our pick.

JRJ said...

I was hoping the Mets would get him, four years is tough though. Lowe's an innings eater and will give the Braves the best NL East rotation next year.