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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Trade packages coming in

Got two packages in the mail today, one from Kris of Cards in the Attic and the other from Chris Harris of Stale Gum. Both are for trades I recently pulled off. Kris sent me a...

2004 Just Minors set?? Huh?

Oh wait, there are other cards inside. A whole mess of Stadium Club that we swapped.

This here has to be my favorite out of the package.

I don't know what the heck he's doing but it's pretty funny. There were also three 2006 Allen & Ginter cards for the set I'm working on. I just picked up a lot of short prints off of eBay which was my first purchase from there since they started insisting on PayPal. 15 short prints for under $5 shipped was too tempting though. Kris included Carlos Lee,

The Duke of Earl

and Kaiser Rolls with the kickin' stache.

Thanks Kris! You're the second trade to be completed this year. Everyone send Kris some Dodger minor league cards so he can get them signed at Albuquerque Isotopes games this year.

Chris Harris sent a bunch of Heritage off my want list and threw in this card in exchange for a Chase Utley Fleer Ultra jersey.

Noice, innit? There's also Heritage from '07 and '08


and '03

This last one was slightly disturbing, and not just because of the look on Zito's face. I have at least a dozen of those Zito cards from a box of junk I bought a few years ago that included a ton of '03 Heritage. This leads me to believe that my Heritage wantlists are all screwed up. UPDATE: Upon further review, my wantlists are good, I just never actually sorted in any of those cards I got from that random box of stuff. I am teh stoopid. Looks like I have some more cards to check...

Chris also sent his signature, um, signature card.

A year and a half ago I would have been appalled at the choice of cards, but now? eh. Chris increased the Beckett Hi book value tenfold at least. 1/1 sticker auto MOJO! Thanks Chris!


White Sox Cards said...

Maddux is doing a stretch exercise that I used to do at 6AM every morning that I worked at that Home Depot warehouse job last year. It does look pretty funny.

Bay Rat North West said...

If you don't know what stretching is it looks like someones Simpson caricature might be a real life picture.

dayf said...

Hey youse, I resemble that remark!