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Saturday, January 10, 2009

First Box Break of the Year: 2008 Timelines - Bonus Round!

So, After I ripped my box I immediately went out and bought four more packs. Why the heck would I do that? This is why:

The local card shop finally got these promo cards in after I pestered them for a couple of weeks before Christmas. I had to buy four packs of Upper deck product to get it though and these were my choices: SP Authentic (meh) Heroes (double meh) Upper Deck X (barf) Masterpieces ($6.75 a pack!) Hockey (no thanks) and Timelines. I still needed a good chunk of the set so four more packs of Timelines was worth it to me. There were only two packs left in the box though, so I grabbed the leftovers and had the owner pick out a couple more when he opened a new one. Here's what I got:

Pack 1:

31 Manny Ramirez
12 Jimmy Rollins
98 Clayton Kershaw RC
120 Jonathan Van Every RC '92
70 Jeff Niemann RC Gold
148 Chase Utley '94
182 Brian Bocock RC '95
252 Alex Gordon '04

Note the two Dodgers. This will become a trend. Disappointing pack, as I only needed the Van Every card. I also don't have the Niemann card, so the gold version becomes a filler for the time being. Gordon is sporting the powder blues which is quite awesome.

Pack 2:

4 Pedro Martinez
87 Wladimir Balentien RC
102 Brandon Phillips '92
YSM-SL Sparky Lyle jersey
146 Felix Hernandez '94
194 Jeff Keppinger '95
275 Hideki Matsui '04

Case hit Sparky-Jo! I'm not sure if I picked this pack out of the remains of the box, or if the owner picked it out for me. Either way, it's pretty cool. I love jersey cards from players who retired before jersey cards became common. Sparky is doubly cool for the name and the epic sideburns. Not quite as cool as this pull, but I like it. Two more Reds is a good thing, because I've got at least three people who want 'em. Also two Yankees and two Mariners in the pack, all of which I didn't have before.

Pack 3:

34 Nick Markakis
79 Josh Banks RC
124 Nick Swisher '92
YSL3556 Joe Pepitone
383 Wesley Wright '95 SP
136 David Ortiz '94
183 Brian Bocock '95
258 Blake Dewitt '04

Here's the danger of buying packs out of two boxes. I've gotten two Brian Bocock die cuts in two packs. I'll let it slide since I got Sparky. The Wesley Wright card is nice since the 1995 SP die cut short prints are harder to get than the other two types, but this one have a slight crimp, on the right corner where it got caught in the wrapper. Oh well. I didn't have a YSL card of Joe Pepitone yet, so that's a cool pickup. Speaking of the Yankees, Nick Swisher would look mightly nice in a Braves uniform. I wonder if the Yanks would be willing to give him up?

Pack 4:

16 Lance Berkman
34 Nick Markakis
98 Clayton Kershaw RC
127 Rico Washington RC '92
333 Clayton Kershaw RC '93 SP
155 Carlos Zambrano '94
205 Ross Ohlendorf RC '95
298 Jeff Clement RC '04

More doubles between the four packs. How in the world did I manage to get two Clayton Kershaw cards in the same pack? Now Reds and Dodgers fans hate me. Trade list will be up soon... I'm not positive, but Ross Ohlendorf might be the only Pirate in the entire set, and all his cards have him in his Yankees uniform. Sad. I only got a pack's worth of cards I needed out of the four packs, but the Sparky and Obama cards more than make up for that. I think I'm going to lose my mind a little bit and try to complete this entire set. I just got a package in that went a LONG way towards that end, which I'll post about soon. Wantlist and trade bait will be up by the end of the weekend.


Matt said...

"Heroes (double meh)"

I actually liked Heroes a good deal. I thought the cards looked clean and classy, and the player selection was solid. I was also spoiled by Football Heroes and it's TWO different(and not stupidly serial numbered) Ray Rice rookie cards, both featuring him in his Rutgers duds.

FanOfReds said...

My want list and trade lists are now up. Check 'em when you get the chance if you want.

Joey said...

Sparky Freaking Lyle..... great pull. One of the great characters of the game. The Bronx Zoo is one of my all time favorite baseball books.

gcrl said...

you pull dodgers, and i have been on a john smoltz streak lately. he is turning up in every pack i buy lately.