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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

1985 Donruss Rack Pack - Part 1

Here's that '85 Donruss rack pack I bought from Dave & Adam's. If you're jealous, go get your own. I think the big names in this set are Clemens and Puckett. I have maybe 150 cards from this set and at least 20 of those are Braves so I'll take anything but doubles.

434 Ron Darling - This was the last Met Paul's Random Stuff needed, but it looks like I'm too late to send it.

302 Rich Dotson - Rich is sporting the bright red White Sox unis of the '80s. This set had a weird color quality to it that shows up well on this card.

171 Alan Trammell - The first really good card! The back notes Alan's World Series MVP. There's s bump on the top of the card but who cares.

529 Sixto Lezcano - What a great name. Red uniforms (or even maroon stripey ones) look good on this design.

398 Mike Hargrove - Grover! Cool stuff on the back: One of Mike's two home runs in '84 was his first ever grand slam vs. Seattle on 6/23/84.

267 Matt Young - There's another Matt Young in the Braves farm system and this guy always screws up my google searches for him.

135 Jerry Hairston - I knew he had two kids in the majors, but I didn't know his dad played four games for the White Sox and his brother played three for the Cubs.

612 Ruppert Jones - Ruppert picked a good year to play one season with the Tigers. Did you know he was an RBI Baseball legend?

483 Dave Owen - This guy is entirely too happy for my liking. If I have doubles I know where this is going.

26 Bob Brenly Diamond King - Bob Brenly was a Diamond King? Really?? The back states he led the Giants with a "lusty .291 average". Ick.

88 Mike Flanagan - The design looks pretty good with orange too... Those lines sort of morph into whatever color is around them.

566 Brian Harper - Ok, the lines don't morph into yellow too well. Brian didn't get good until he went to the Twins. Why couldn't Lonnie Smith have knocked that ball out in '91?

435 Spike Owen - The only Mariners captain in history. That old trident logo kicked ass.

303 David Green - What is David wearing, a neck warmer?

172 Wade Boggs - The second really good card in the pack! Boggsy looks like he just got completely fooled by a pitch.

40 41 42 Lou Gehrig's crotch - Lou wasn't known as the Iron Horse just for the streak. Awww yeaaaah.

Not a bad start at all! Tomorrow I'll post Skeeter's section.


Jeffrey Wolfe said...

I can't wait for the next section! Nice pull w/ the Boggs I think that's a 2.50 card. I'm a sucker for old Mariners uniforms, the Spike Owen is awesome. And Brenly was a DK!? I mean no Jack Clark, Mike Krukow even??

Thorzul said...

Cool pack, but there's a lot of cards whose picture or design you are commenting on without showing the card. Will we get to see all of the cards?

stusigpi said...

That Boggs was a super hot card back in the day. I was so jealous whenever someone had one of those.

That was a great first pack.

dayf said...

The image at the top is the other 9 cards in the pack. It's too much of a pain to upload 16 images in blogger so I picked the 6 best and scanned all the rest together. Click on it to enlarge the scan.

night owl said...

I'm jealous, but not as jealous as I would be if it was '84 Donruss.

Jeffrey Wolfe said...

I'm jealous.