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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

First Box Break of the Year: 2008 Timelines - Packs 3-6

Continuing on with the box break... I've got my wantlist updated if anyone's interested in swapping some doubles.

Pack 3:

50 Erik Bedard
99 Jonathan Albaladejo RC
105 Clay Timpner RC '92
312 Johnny Cueto RC '93 SP
YSL4722 Don Baylor Yankee Stadium
165 Miguel Cabrera '94
193 Jeff Baker '95
219 Jeff Francoeur '04

Meh, Yankee Stadium cards. I really need to sort all those out that I have and do something with them. Finding them will be the tricky part. I should probably just trade 'em all to someone who could appreciate them and just buy one of the box sets. Yankees beat the Blue Jays 2- on this card, with a solo shot by Mattingly being the difference. Here's a 1993 SP design of Johnny Cueto. These don't scan well either, do they. I'll scan the backs from now on, they look good. I could get used to a short print in every pack! I might actually have a shot at the full set in that case. The Frenchy is outstanding, you can see the Phil Niekro tribute on the wall behind him in right.

Pack 4:

23 Matt Kemp
72 Johnathan Van Every RC
114 Fred Lewis '92
5 Johan Santana gold parallel
172 Max Scherzer RC '94 foil stamp thing
174 Daric Barton RC 94
203 Randor Bierd RC '95
233 Jim Thome '04

I got two parallels in this pack. One was a Johan Santana gold card that I knew about, the other is a Max Scherzer 1994 All-Time Heroes card with a gold foil stamp on the top corner. I do not have a '94 Scherzer card yet and that stamp does not make me happy. The streak of short prints was killed by the parallels too. Oh well, I got three cards I needed, four if you count the one with the foil. A note for anyone collecting this set: all of the silver 1995 SP Minors die cut cards have a big roller mark going through them. And my all of them, I mean every one ever printed. Ok, I've seen a couple without roller marks but they're like one of ones. the randor card is particularly beat up, the roller came back a second time to take out a corner too. The best looking cards in all of these packs is without a doubt the 2004 Timeless Teams cards. The Jim Thome looks great, but I can't scan every one of them. Maybe if I ever complete the subset I could do a gallery.

Pack 5:

5 Johan Santana
80 Clay Timpner RC
122 Matt Joyce RC '92
181 Brandon Boggs RC '95 Autograph
355 Jay Bruce RC '94 SP
161 Ken Griffey Jr. '94
185 Cha Sueng Baek '95
247 Matt Tolbert RC '04

Ah ha... The Yankees and parallels were just warming me up for the first autograph in the box. A nice '95 SP Minors card of Brandon Boggs. All three autos I've pulled so far have been from this subset if I'm not mistaken. Brandon played in 101 games for the Rangers last year, Maybe he'll get another shot in '09 now that Milton Bradley is now a Cub. I've got an autograph and a Jay Bruce short print in this pack which is cool. If you open a hobby pack and see only one base card before the base rookie you know you've got something. It's might be an auto, it might be a Yankee stadioum card, but you got something. Matt Tolbert take care of my Twins Stadium, only eight more to go!

Pack 6:

41 Justin Verlander
14 Derrek Lee
62 Ian Kennedy RC
119 Joey Votto RC '92
321 Nick Adenhart '93 SP
143 Johan Santana '94
194 Jeff Keppinger '95
261 Matt Kemp '04

Another needed SP, but not a stupendous pack here. There's a silver lining though: I promised all my Reds doubles to The Writer's Journey and I've got a Joey Votto and Jeff Keppinger to add to his pile. Jeff even has a remarkably even roller mark on his card. It's almost like it's meant to be there.

Base cards - 9
Base Rookies - 6
1992 design - 6
1994 Heroes design - 6
1995 minors design - 6
2004 Timeless design - 6
1993 SP design - 2
1994 SP design - 2
1995 SP design - 1
Yankee Stadium Legacy - 1 - Don Baylor
Gold Parallel Base - 1 - Johan Santana

Gold Parallel 1994 - 1 - Max Scherzer

Autograph - 1 - Brandon Boggs '95 Minors


Bay Rat North West said...

Why are you toying with me? I buy boxes and wind up with 2 Reds and 28 Cubs. EVERY TIME. It's just mean showing off like that.
The worst pack ever was an 08 Topps Chrome with Zambrano, DeRosa, Zambrano Refractor and Soriano.

Flash said...

I got that same Boggs auto when I broke my box. I hope I don't get another one in the next box break I do. I think I only ended up pulling 1 auto in that box. I don't know if I exactly believe Upper Deck's odds on there being "2" autos.

FanOfReds said...

My last box of Timeline also had that same Boggs auto. Perhaps he signed 8 billion of those stickers....

Slette said...

I may as well join in - my Timelines box yieled me that same Boggs, as well as some USA no-name. Lovely.

Sooz said...

Seriously, Boggs signed so many autos in this set. I also got a Boggs auto out of retail pack from Target.

He might have been the only person signing for this set.

If you need to trade any of those YSL, I may know someone ... (cough, cough, Marie, cough)

madding said...

I'm not collecting this set, though I've bought a few packs. If you have any extra Cards doubles that you want to get rid of I'd definitely take them off your hands. I only have Pujols, Rico Washington (the base design) and Chris Duncan ('92 design) so far.

dayf said...

So Boggs is one per box. Nice. Someone foreshadowed the other auto too....

Sooz - As soon as I figure out what I did with 'em I'll do a post. I'll definitely be getting rid of some though.

Madding - You've got stuff on the way as soon as I get it together. those giveaway packages have gotten out of control.