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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Weekend Mailday Wrap Up

Since the trade frequency is going up now that I'm set building, I've decided that I'm not going to give every single package their own post, but instead wait until the mail comes on Saturday and recap the packages from that week. Individual posts take too long, clutter up the blog and I end up not getting to a bunch of them anyway. This way, I knock 'em all out at once, let everyone get recognized and don't get caught up in the temptation to write an Epic Post on every package I receive. And believe me, I could write one for 'em all but you don't want this to turn into Mailday Junkie, do you? Nah. Didn't think so. First up though: The Ziploc bad I got from Madding with Zane Smith on the front.

The Zane was an oddball decoy. Aside from that and 6 Classic Game cards the rest of the pack was all Braves minor league cards. Here's what was in there:

14 1989 ProCards Richmond Braves (Best card: David Justice)
1989 Star Durham Bulls Wes Currin (who looks just like Sad Sack)
1990 Best Burlington Braves Darren Ritter
6 CMC 1990 Richmond Braves (Including Justice, Avery, Merker and Mazzone)
2 1990 ProCards Richmond Braves (Geronimo Berroa)
2 1991 Line Drive Greenville Braves (Ben Rivera)
2 1991 Line Drive Richmond Braves (Phil Niekro!)
1992 Classic Best Lavy Lopez
1993 Classic Best Melvin Nieves
1991 ProCards Keith Mitchell
1990 Best Burlington Braves Glen Gardner
2 1991 Classic Best Klesko and Chipper
and finally a 1990 Procards Vinicio Castilla.

Cool stuff from Madding and there's still the plastic case to be opened so stay tuned...

Next, three cards from Don Sherman for my 1987 Donruss set. Don just sent them outright with was very nice. This is a good time to do a little baseball card history lesson. Here are the backs of the three cards:

The back of the Stillwell is 'flipped' from the Magadan and Davis cards. This isn't an error, it's supposed to be like this. For some reason Donruss flipped the backs like this on cards from their factory sets. Why? Who knows... It's some interesting trivia at least.

Chris Harris found some 1979 Topps off my want list after sending me all that Heritage a couple of days ago. Since it's Chris, you know what's coming...


Along with that treasure there were 15 cards for the '79 set. The Best:

and my favorite:

I could have sworn I had that card, but I didn't. Thanks again Chris!

Jeffrey from Card Junkie also sent a pile from my '87 Donruss list in a trade for some old Fleer cards he needed. He also sent this:

Could it be from this rip? This is pure history here, folks! There's also 15 Donruss cards in there lovingly protected by two '90 Fleer stickers. From the same YouTube video perhaps? Here's the best:

Knuckleballers rule! Thanks fellow junkie!

Ok, one last past to post. This one is a massive one from Dan Wood who has sent other massive packages in the past. One half of it was assorted Braves, which I will do a post on later, and the other was a pile of Timelines big enough to choke a mule. Included were:

13 base rookies (TOWELS!!!)

1 '92 subset

8 '94 Heroes subset

2 '95 Minors subset

11 '04 Timeless Teams subset

5 '93 SP short prints

6 '94 SP short prints

Awesome stuff from Dan! Dan collects these players if anyone wants to help him out.

Josh Hamilton
Billy Butler
David Wright
Lenny Dykstra
Jeff Bagwell
Mike Piazza
Jay Bruce
Keith Hernandez
Mark Grace
Justin Upton
Colby Rasmus
Travis Snider
Mike Moustakas
Beau Mills
Donny Baseball
Carlos Pena
Ryan Kalish

I've lost his list twice so I'm posting it here for eternity.

Once again thanks to Madding, Don, Chris, Jeffrey and Dan!

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