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Thursday, January 29, 2009

The people have spoken

The coupon has been eaten and I spent about a third of what I would have on the Heritage box on some American Heritage packs.

Now I have those cards as well as Lemkes, the Just Minors set, Obama cards, TribeCards Xmas stuff, some Target temporary insanity cards and new product autopsies to tide us over to the 2009 Heritage release. I don't really need to buy another pack for a month!

(shudders uncontrollably)

One day in the future I'll look back on my Heritage collection and regret that the '08 set is missing most of the high numbers. Then I'll look at my actual '59 set and realize that it's actually pretty normal to be missing most of the high numbers. Topps is just keeping up a tradition!

Holy crap: I just realized this is my hundredth post this month. Wow.

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