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Monday, January 5, 2009

UPS Finally Showed Up

My Christmas gift to myself showed up today. I probably would have had it last week had I not waited until Christmas Eve to place the order, but now I have a box to rip this week. I got it from Dave & Adam's mainly because the box was cheap as dirt and they had all those Holiday promotions going on. I felt bad not buying from the local shop, but I'll make a trip to the brick & mortar store later this week to show them some love. Here's what I got:

Forty-two bucks for a box was worth it to get a couple of autographs and hopefully a chunk off my want list. Packs are 5 bucks each at the shops, this way they're $2.33 each. Not too shabby. I'll be ripping this all week a few packs at a time for your viewing pleasure.

I picked up a couple of other cheap things to qualify for the free packs for spending $50. I actually would have bought this rack pack of 1985 Donruss even if I wasn't trying to spend more money. I love the design and I have very few cards from this set so why not? This pack has Ron Darling, Skeeter Barnes and Marty Barrett showing on top, with Lou Gehrig puzzle pieces on the back. I think I'm going to split this pack rip into three posts to keep everyone from overdosing on Timelines.

1991 Traded set for three bucks, how can you beat it? The Bagwell, Giambi and Ivan Rodriguez rookies would probably set you back a buck a piece if you bought 'em seperately. This will also cap off the '91 set I'm trying to build.

Here's my two free packs for spending a whole fifty bucks at one throw. As you can see there's a lovely holiday sticker on one of the packs. I was torn between these and three packs of Bowman Basketball. I decided the chance of me getting a decent framed card or an autograph was better than pulling an Al Horford rookie so I went with the Masterpieces even though I've got the set. I'm sure people will be begging me for my doubles once I open them anyway.

Not a bad little haul, eh? Look for the first two packs of Timelines to be ripped this evening.


Jeffrey Wolfe said...

Wow u made out like a bandit. I can't wait to see what's in the '85 D-Russ rack, a 35 dollar Clemens perhaps? And the '91 Traded for 3 bucks is a steal, Giambi, Bagwell and I-Rod all book for that much.

Joey said...

Thats a nice little buffet platter of cardboard goodness there. Wishing you some good karma on the Timelines box.