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Thursday, January 22, 2009

2008 Stupid Year In Review - Part 12: Stadium Club

Now Topps gets to kill it for good because it didn't sell.



PAB said...

I almost think that there needs to be a stadium club post on the great pricing error that occured at Target. Those $2.99 blasters helped a ton of people knock out the non-short print portion of this set.

As for putting this set together. I'm almost there. It takes some searching on e-bay but you can find some deals. As bad as it sounds I think my white whale in this collection is card #75 - Ryan Howard. I think I've seen the base version of this card maybe once on e-bay (before I knew about the short prints) and ever since I've seen more of those "1/1" sketch cards than I have the regular base version.

Anonymous said...

I love these cartoons. They are hilarious.