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Friday, January 16, 2009

I Found One!

Way back here, I lamented the loss of Mother's Cookies, their baseball cards and those weird pink and white animal cookies. At the time, I knew I had one of their cards floating around, I just couldn't remember what I had done with it. Well, last night while looking for an old price guide for my contest, I found it just sitting on top of a couple of old Tuff Stuff magazines. I had actually pulled it to write a post on it, set it down and forgot about it. I have it now, three months later so why not show it off?

This card is from their 1994 Nolan Ryan farewell set. The set could be found individually wrapped in packs of cookies like this one or as a set through the mail. As you can see it's a pretty nice looking card. Fairly simple with a good photo, minimal design and no corners to ding.

The back has some real oddball cred. Two color printing, a big honking logo, even a line for an autograph. This card has his 1985 stats on the back. 10-12 with 209 strikeouts and a 3.80 ERA. Not a great year for the Express, but a lot of pitchers would be quite happy with those numbers. If you're a fan of one of the West coast teams they produced cards for or just a fan of nice '80s oddballs, Mother's is a pretty decent little set.


ManOfSteal said...

I've always loved Mother's cards. When I found out they were closing, I did a little "Tribute" featuring all of the Rickey cards that I had, as well as a few other random ones (Including some from that Nolan Ryan tribute set). The post can be found here: http://www.rickeyhendersoncollectibles.com/2008/10/tribute-to-mothers-cookies-cards.html

MDA said...

Going through some stuff the last few weeks I found a small batch of Mothers' cards, singles and strips.

I guess I'll have to post some of them.

Nice blog. Thanks for sharing.

MDA said...

I dug them out, scanned and posted. They can be found here at my card blog.