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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Random Contest - Pack 4: Play At The Plate

Pack #4 - Ranger Danger

It finally dawned on me that the stickers on the packs were used in lieu of tape to keep the package together. Dang, I can be slow sometimes.

Manufacturer: Donruss - 3 cards for 3 points


Year: 1989 - 1 cards for 5 points

This is just bad luck. The pack was filthy with '88, '90, 91 and '92 cards but only lonely Glenn Davis for 1989.

Team: Rangers - 3 cards for 30 points

That Julio Franco card is worth 30 points all by himself!

Sport: Football - 0 points

This is one of those unfortunate packs where there was only one non-baseball card in the lot and it wasn't a football card.

Player: Roberto Alomar - 0 cards

No Alomar, but there was a Tony Phillips in there.

Weirdness: Movies - 0 cards

The only weirdness in the pack was a small Disney-era Angels sticker. No points for that though.

Total Points: 38

Here's the rest of the cards in the pack:

The Worst Card in the Pack:

Scuffed, creased, dinged, banged and stained. Sounds like a fun weekend in Reno I am enraged that a Fred McGriff card was treated so shabbily.

And finally,
The Best Card in the Pack:

I can't not choose the Flames card. That team caused me decades of Hockey fandom dysfunction. The only real competition was the Bowman Chrome Nelson Lara rookie with the terrible facsimile signature so I'm not going to fret about it.


#1 Mad Guru - 121 points
#2 Mark's Ephemera - 82 points
#3 Bo - 50 points
#4 Play at the Plate - 38 points

Blue - Currently in the lead for the Grand Prize
Red - Currently in the toilet for the boobie prize
Black - good luck with the random drawing.


Play at the Plate said...

That was BRUTAL.

deal said...

Of course Omar Vizquel is in the majors.....

He may be the last position player older than me. And he better stay in good shape, because I am not ready to deal w/ the fact that I am older than every player out there.

Go Omar!!!

WV = "Holly"

I like that.

Bo said...

Damn! Kicked out of the toilet!