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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Aliens on my wall

I've got all lazy this weekend so you'll have to wait for your Topps Series 2 Cobb pack. While fuzing around the interwebs I stumbled across this:

Gigantic Mars Attacks cards you can stick on your walls. These wall graphics are described as being kind of like FatHeads but not. These are made out of the, um, optimal media solution for sticking and unsticking without getting stuck whatever that means. They look pretty damn cool at any rate and with 55 subjects for sale, it looks like the entire Mars Attacks checklist is available including the horrible ones, the heartwarming ones, and my personal favorite. You can even pony up for the complete set. Topps has apparently given their approval for this and are also doing Wacky Packages and baseball card wrappers. I was initially worried about taking money out of Woody Gelman's kids' mouths by promoting bootleg alien horror wallgraphics but it's all licensed and legit. 

The really BIG ones are a little pricey at over a hundred a pop, but you can get one sized to fit your laptop for 15 bucks. I must say I'm very tempted. Now how about a new Topps Archives combo Mars Attacks/Dinosaurs Attack set Topps?


Anonymous said...

This is the best set ever. Someday I will have them all. Someday.

gritz76 said...

I knew about the wrappers but holy shit those are awesome! Still at just over $100, that's still cheaper than some of the original cards go for. I just got to figure out how to convince the wife one of these would look great on the bedroom wall!

sruchris said...

I picked up a '55 Topps wrapper poster the other day. It looks great in a frame.