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Sunday, May 9, 2010

When Jair comes off the DL

This guy better still be in the starting rotation.

And this guy better be in the bullpen. Or Gwinnett. Or on a plane to Japan.

The season's over, folks, it's time to groom the young'uns for 2011.


Captain Canuck said...

funny, I remember me saying that very thing last year.

The Chop Keeper said...

You're absolutely right-on. There needs to be other changes made as well- beginning with T.P., then Melk-Dud and McLousy following him. What a great way to send off their beloved manager, only one thing guys: the end of the season is supposed to be in September (and preferably November)- not the beginning of freaking May!

The Wax Wombat said...

Braves and Orioles just look so sad for being such great old teams. =\

flywheels said...

If the Braves could consistently score some runs for the starting pitchers it'd be a different story...but Jair hasn't impressed me much this season. Does Kris have any good autograph cards?