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Thursday, May 6, 2010

More league prizes

First we have three cards pledged from McCann Can Triple:

Justin Masterson Jersey and auto card (sticker sadly) 2009 ticket to stardom.

Felix Hernandez Jersey card Upper deck Icons 2009

Matt Kemp Chrome Heritage card 2010

Pics will be posted on her blog soon. 

Madding sent a few for the pot as well, here they are:

2010 Heritage Capn' Cheezburger refreactor

2005 Hertitage  Vladdy Daddy Chrome

2007 Topps Ubaldo no hit my Braves rackenfrack Jimenez Gold

200something Boomer Red Joisey

More updates this weekend, I hope...


madding said...

This week has been insane. I swear I just dropped those in the mail a few minutes ago.

zman40 said...

I will finish picking out my prizes this weekend some time.

Hamrammobtown said...

Here's my prize pool submissions...