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Friday, May 28, 2010

2010 Topps Series 2 - First pack

I got four packs of Topps series two yesterday. When I first got to the shop, there were two packs left int he open box with Ty Cobb on the wrapper. The owner opened up a fresh box for me, I took one of the Tys from the first box and one pack each of the other wrapper subjects from the fresh box. The packs I got from the new box were... odd. I sort of wish I had picked up a couple more to see if the whole box was like that or if I am lucky at finding mutants. I opened the Babe first because he's the Babe.

586 Roy Oswalt

Roy in his last Topps card as an Astro. I've always liked Roy as a pitcher, I wish there was some way the Braves could flip Derek Lowe and a couple of prospects for Roy.

423 Brad Bergesen

I have no idea who this guy is. Man, I hope after a very nice selection of photographs in Series one, we're not back to the same pose on every card shenanigans Topps pulled a couple of years ago.

452 Allen Craig RC

I really like the new RC logo. The old one was too damn big and in your face. This one is more understated and doesn't walk all over the design.

480 Boston Red Sox

Team card blah blah blah. Where have I seen this picture before?

CMT71 Eddie Mathews Yo Momma

Awwww yeaaaah. I haven't finished the first one yet, but who cares. More Yo Mommas.

 VLC13 Eddie Murray Vintage Legends

This caused me to do a double take. Two 1964 Topps cards in the pack? It dawned on me that this was the anachronistic insert set new to this series. This doesn't look all that bad actually. Why Topps had to show off that ugly '87 Cy Young on the sell sheet I don't really know.

Due to time constraints the second half of the pack will be posted tonight. Start thinking about which pack you'd like to see next.


dayf said...

DAMMIT. Blogger ate the Murray image. Go here to look at it:
Mine is just as badly miscut. Maybe they did that on purpose?

dogfacedgremlin said...

I'm sure that was the best image they could get because the sample they had was miscut too. Although the Yo Mamma's are a nice concept, I have been pretty disappointed with the image quality (at least on all the ones I have pulled). I guess that's about as best quality as you can get when you use a $29 Visioneer scanner that Topps apparently bought from a Kmart clearance sale to scan these things.

Anonymous said...

That is a nice looking Murray. And I'm not a Murray fan or an O's fan.