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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I lied.

Ok I care a little bit about Topps 2. I decided to do an eBay search for 2010 Topps Series Two and I did actually find a few things that interested me the tiniest smidge. I'm still going to act cool and be all like "Man, this new stuff is no match for the majesty of '80s junk wax! OLD SKOOL COLLECTAS REPRESENT" I'm suffering from a combination of crushing ennui and stubborn curmudgeonliness right now so don't expect me to be all exited over anything. My curiosity can certainly get the better of me though and I found out three things about Topps Series 2 I didn't know before today.

Cap cards have the July 4th flag logo on them this time. I still haven't actually seen a cap card in person yet, so while the ones from Series 1 looked pretty cool I have no objective proof of their coolness. These though... I dunno. I'm sure a lot of people are drooling over them right now but they seem a little cheesy to me, ya know? The ones from Series 1 had the fact that while they were manupatches they were at least kinda sorta authentic logos. These kind of caps are something they hawk on MLB.com to try to muster up a few more cap purchases. The other ones I can at least pretend they are authentic, these look like I could have picked up a cap at The Sports Authority and took a pair of scissors to it.

This is not an Attax card, this is a ToppsTown card. Or more accurately, ToppsTown cards are now Attax cards. I tried out the ToppsTown site last month and the two concepts were pretty tightly intertwined so I guess this is the next logical step. Topps seems to be marketing the crap out of Attax right now so all in all it makes sense. I'm not sure I like it, but it makes sense.

This I like. The 1974 Yo Momma card is of Willie McCovey. Not just McCovey, but his '74 Washington Nat'l League variation card. Sweeeeeeeet. This is the one thing I am truly excited over in Series two other than the J-Hey rookies. Unfortunately this card only reminds me that I am really close to finishing that '74 set. Aw man,  now the curmudgennui is back.


skoormit said...

yougottabekiddingme. I hated that Topps counted ToppsTown cards as an actual card in their pack count. Because they weren't cards, they were advertisements. Did not want. And now they aren't advertisements, they are cards from another product. Do not want.

Jonathan @ RGB Cards said...

You and me both. If I wanted Attax, I'd buy a pack of Attax.

"Washington Nat'l League" in the '74 set has to go down as one of the greatest "jumping the gun" boners in trading card history.

mmosley said...

I didn't mean for the '74 cards to get you down. You can send them back and feel happy again.