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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Move over baseball, you're second fiddle now

I'm not interested in redeeming codes anymore now that I know that the Transmogrifier spits out decade themes at will.

Heritage is nice, but the base card dupes are piling up.

Chicle is nowhere in retail and overpriced in hobby.

Bowman is an abomination to the Lord and must be exterminated off the face of the earth.

Move over boring ol' baseball, there's a new kid in town!

PANINI. No not the sandwich. No, not the odd rabbitcat thing on that stoner Cartoon Network show. THE STICKER DUDES. Wally World finally had a good sticker album for sale today.

Awww yeah. WORLD CUP.  My favorite kind of footy. The Panini World Cup display had been ravaged pretty hard but I managed to walk out with an album and the last five loose sticker packs in the store. I am still image challenged, but I can still type good. To get a good look at the album and stickers from someone who is even more exited about it than I am go here and gaze on stickery goodness. Here's my meager pile of packs:

The pack stuck to the album:

221 Algerie SHIIINY
596 Johan Vonlanthen SUI
224 Antar Yahia ALG
98 Yoann Gourcuff FRA
153 Lee Young-Pyo KOR
76 Bruno Silva URU
628 Rodrigo Millar CHI
542 Didier Drogba CIV

My first sticker is a SHIIIINY. Kickass. The France stickers have some sort of weird background on them. Stupid Arty French. It's better than the ones that have very light colored backgrounds as those can be see-through when stuck to the album. Also: be careful when opening the pack that came with the album. The sticky stuff on it is a pain and Mr. Drogba got stuck and crumpled a bit. It's now no longer mint! Horrors!

First pack:

27 Head bump
592 Gokhan Inler SUI
593 Tranquillo Barnetta SUI
513 Ji- Yun-Nam PRK
293 Harry Kewell AUS
247 Andraz Kirm SVN
484 Stanislav Sestak SVK
84 Luis Suarez URU

I'll admit it, I don't know who any of these people are. It's like I'm watching Entertainment Tonight or something. Justin Boober? Who the hell is that? I was surprised to find out that North Korea has a team in the tournament. I wonder if Kim Jong-Il will go to the games and pick up some chicks. the first sticker in the pack was the top half of an official stadium poster. It basically looks like a guy bonking a ball off his head.

Second pack:

232 Karim Ziani ALG
127 Vincent Enyeama NGA
472 Jan Durica SVK
375 Seigo Narazaki JPN
306 Zdravko Kuzmanovic SRB
244 Marko Suler SVN
451 Ryan Nelsen NZL
210 Michael Bradley USA

Wooooo! USA! USA! Actually, I might be rooting for England in this thing. Maybe Italy. Germany, perhaps? Gotta go with one of my ancestral homes. Scotland and Cherokee don't have teams. Scotland would probably get beat by the Cherokee Nation team, sadly. Ok, I'll probably root for the USA, but I need a backup team for when they get beat up.

Third pack:

569 Joan Capdevila ESP
77 Walter Gargano URU
356 Daniel Agger DEN
550 Paulo Ferreira POR
119 Angel Di Maria ARG
165 Alexandros Tzorvas GRE
525 Cote D'Ivoire SHINY
600 Honduras team

SHIIIIIIIIIINY. And a team sticker. There are 17 player stickers per squad and there's no way they are fitting 17 players on that teeny sticker. Maybe the practice squad players get on the team sticker.

Fourth pack:

199 Jermain Defoe ENG
483 Erik Jendrisek SVK
419 Angelo Palombo ITA
89 Hugo Lloris FRA
150 Lee Jung-Soo KOR
501 Robinho BRA
350 Robin Van Persie NED
198 Wayne Rooney ENG

Here is a quandary I have: A friend's wife is from England and plays professional soccer here in Atlanta. I like England - they have very funny TV shows - so I want to collect them all and stick 'em in my book, but I think she might appreciate these more. To stick or not to stick, that is the question.

Fifth pack:

387 Yasuhito Endo JPN
357 Lars Jacobsen DEN
463 Chris Wood NZL
2 SHIIIINY Logo half
281 Lucas Neill AUS
320 Eric Addo GHA
452 Ivan Vicelich NZL
183 England SHINY

OH NO. ENGLAND SHINY. Now I'm really torn. I also got one half of the official FIFA logotype in shiny form. All the shiny stickers have a fireworks pattern on them. I don't really like the two-part stickers because I could buy 100 packs and not get the second half. My album may have SOU AFR in it for a long time.

Sweet, I now have 7.5% of the set. Oh heck, what did I get myself into there are 637 stickers in this beast. You can buy extra stickers for 20 cents plus TWO DOLLARS SHIPPING. Holy friggin crap on a stick. I sure hope that's two dollars shipping for up to 40 stickers (the max you can order) and not each. I might just have to get a box. Do they sell boxes? MLB needs to wise up and give these dudes a baseball sticker license. I'll be snagging a few packs of these instead of boring old baseball until something good comes out.


skoormit said...

"I like England - they have very funny TV shows" will be my go-to line about the Brits from now on. Thanks, dayf. I just got funnier.

AdamE said...

100 pack Boxes are on ebay with a BIN of $40. How much were your packs at WM, cause I saw these at the Dollar Tree this weekend too.

PunkRockPaint said...

I bought 5 packs a week or so ago... I think I am gonna collect Denmark! My brother-in-law is Danish. (In Denmark they don't call the delicious breakfast pastry - danishes. They call them Swiss pastries. Hmmmm. They have no problem claiming vikings and Hamlet as theirs, but delicious pastries... 'Nah, the Swiss made those.')

I already have the Agger sticker and one other (I can't remember.) They are a bit pricey... I can't really see buying a box. Although, I have purchased stranger things.

SpastikMooss said...

Drogba rules! Shame he got kind of busted up!

Joe S. said...

Very nice... how much are packs and albums going for? I'll probably buy a box in 20 years when they're $5. Or the next time I find myself at Walmart or Target with money to burn, which will probably be today.

But 637 stickers??? Yikes.

Seriously though, bring back the baseball albums!

dayf said...

Packs are $1, the album (which comes with a pack) is $2.

Chris Harris said...

Scotland has a team, they just didn't qualify.

Todd Q said...

Topps Kids, Action Packed Baseball, Monkey Generals and now you can add Panini World Cup stickers to the list of items that you've made me think, "I must own that".

Also, the masses (at least this one) calls for STUCK STICKERS!

dfwbuck2 said...

my girlfriend has been making fun of me since i bought my album and have been sticking stickers all week. I dont care though, i'm gonna try and get the whole set. Bought 25 packs and had 17 doubles, not terrible collation, but gonna take over 100 packs to pull this puppy off. Yes I bought 20 more packs tonight. I'm thinking by the time the cup rolls around it will be serious trading time. If they did an MLB album with 638 stickers I'd totally be down, although I heard there are plans for an NFL album.