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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Return of the Son From the Tales of the Quarter Box

Whenever cards start gettin' you down, all you need to do is go sifting through a freshly filled quarter box. Please take note that at twenty-five cents apiece, each one of these cards is cheaper than the per-card price of a card out of a pack of Heritage, Chicle or Bowman. Man were there some doozies in this box...

What the heck is a 1964 Topps Stand-up card doing in a quarter box?!?!!?? And a YANKEE to boot! MADNESS!!! This card isn't in the greatest condition, but it's not even bent in half like many of these kinds of cards. Elston Integrated the Yankees and I've always put him in the 'screw the voters, he's a Hall of Famer to me' category.

DISEMBODIED ZOMBIE CUBBIE HEADS!!! AAAAAAAAH!!! This thing is frightening. Why the heck didn't the Cubs ever do a team picture? It would have looked nice in front of all that ivy.  I'm putting this card on my front door this Halloween to scare away the kids so I get all the candy.

Ok, this one is a little obtuse, but see if you can follow me... If you were to decide that you were going to seriously focus on building the 1972 Topps set, BUT were not even going to fool with the ridiculously tough High Series and just build the rest of the set... #656 Rudy May would be the last card in your truncated '72 Topps set. That idea is as squirrelly as the photo on this card, but it makes sense to me.

There was a small pile of 1963 Fleer cards in ther and I snagged 'em all. '63 Fleer was sort of the 2010 Upper Deck of the day, Fleer looked at Topps' monopoly and said 'screw it, we're doing a set anyway'.  And just like today, Topps had a conniption and the lawyers all smacked down on Fleer hard. It was all Laughlin art cards and logo stickers for a long while after that. Vic Power is a seriously underrated player and was the best of the pile.

There is no way this card should be in a quarter box. No. Way. It's not beat up or anything. My best guess on how it got in there was that the guy sorting the cards couldn't decide whether to put this in the Reds or Red Sox section in the dollar box and just decided not to bother and chucked it in the quarter box. There is no other rational explanation I can come up with.

This is all I have time for today, but just remember that these five cards are far cheaper than one pack of 2010 base Topps. Why am I collecting the new stuff again?


AdamE said...

Great quarter finds. I'm not a Yankee fan but I would have bit on the stand up card for a quarter. And the Fisk would have been mine even for $1 cause I don't have it yet.

Carl Crawford Cards said...

Love the Elston Howard! Absolute score for a couple of $, much less a quarter.

White Sox Cards said...

I need to start shopping from the quarter boxes by you! The airfare may be counterproductive, but dammit it's the principle of the thing!

shanediaz82 said...

You know the Seinfeld episode where Kramer and Newman take a postal truck stuffed with cans to Michigan for the 10 cent refunds?

Every time I see one of your quarter box posts I think of heading down to Georgia with a truck full of quarters in a similar fashion!

The Wax Wombat said...

I wish I could find a quarter box like that! Love that Howard.

thewritersjourney said...

Man, why can't there be quarter boxes like that around here???