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Friday, May 7, 2010

National Chicle Pack 3 - Favorite card

For the rest of the 8 hobby packs I snagged I'm going to choose my favorite card from the pack and feature the artist. I was able to save a box topper checklist from the trash and on the front there is a small bio and sample of work from each of the artists in the set. I'm going to show them off individually because the thing is too big to fit in my scanner. The artist of my favorite card in this pack is:

Paul Lempa - better known as the artist responsible for ChippeRuth. Here's the thing - I never said the Ruth in a Braves uni was a bad card. Just the opposite, I totally want that card. I just said that the dude on that card looks exactly like Chipper Jones and I will remain firm in that belief on my deathbed. He's got several nifty cards in this set including another short print of a Legend in a contemporary uniform.

NO. 281 Honus Wagner

I need to figure out how to scan these without getting the lines. I've got 5 minutes to type this up before work so It'll have to do. Honus is one of the all time greats with or without that dodgy trimmed card in the PSA holder. Hans is rocking the Pirates new sleeveless uni on this card. The Pirates have got to be leading the league in total fashion sense per win. They may suck but they look awesome doing it. However, Wagner has a look on his face that tells me that now that he's on the 2010 Pirates instead of the 1910 Pirates, he's going to clean up the place and knock some of these guys into shape. This is a great card by itself but the smokestacks put it over the top. I'm not sure if the artist or a designer at Topps is responsible for the backgrounds, but whoever did hit a home run in Steeltown. The rest of the pack was pretty good including Hank Greenberg and Big Jawn Mize but Hans with smokestacks is the clear winner. Why do the best cards have to be the short prints?


fullman said...

Great card, and I totally agree that the bits of hometown background are a highlight of the set. I haven't worked out if those are all Lempa, or if the others do it a bit as well.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. That Wagner card is pretty much awesome. I'm not convinced if I'm a huge fan of the legend-in-current-uniform concept, but having a stud like Wagner on today's Buccos squad is a nice thought.

Ryan aka Orioles Magic said...

Now, THAT'S a Wagner card I might be able to afford!