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Monday, May 3, 2010

Sorry, Thorzul

When the NBA playoff seedings were announced in what seems like a month ago (why the hell does the first round of the NBA playoffs take so long?) Thorzul saw that my Hawks had drawn his Bucks as their first round opponent. As is our custom whenever an Atlanta team takes on a Milwaukee team in a sporting competition, Thorzul offered up a friendly wager on the outcome. The fan of the losing team sends the fan of the winning team an appropriate 'thing' with the victor's logo upon it. I accepted the bet and watched my Hawks completely stomp upon the Bucks' guts the first two games of the series. Ha ha! Victory is mine! then they went to Milwaulkee, Josh Smith complained about Wisconsin night life and the Bucks did some gut stomping of their own. Series tied 2-2. No biggie, the Hawks suck on the road, they would take game five at home.

Whoopsie, Atlanta choked away a late 9 point lead and went to game 6 in Milwaukee down 3-2. It was at this point I conceded the match to Thorzul and admitted defeat. I've been watching the Hawks die in the playoffs for decades now and I know the stench of death when I smell it. Hell, I personally witnessed a Hawks' first round exit in 1989 when they got beat by the Bucks in a game five in Atlanta. Thorzul was skeptical, but agreed that a team coached by a claymation figure was likely going to blow it. Well, they didn't blow it and now I feel like a jerk for reverse-jinxing my own team.

I feel bad about the whole thing now, so I'm posting this lovely video In an attempt to cheer Thorzul up.

I'm also throwing in these cards into Thorzul's payment for all those Braves he dumped on me from that $40 kickass lot:

Big O

The Dobber

Terry Cummings doesn't have a cool nickname

Hopefully Thorzul doesn't have these yet. If he does, well, um. TOO BAD. Looooooser.

Oops, that probably wasn't what I was trying to do with this post. Sorry buddy, you'll get another chance next week when the Brew Crew head to the Ted. Bring on the Majique!

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madding said...

The Hawks are pretty much the only team left in the playoffs that I don't completely hate. The Bucks would have been that team had they won, I suppose.