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Thursday, May 6, 2010

It's all in the details

Ok, I know that the reaction to National Chicle is mixed at best and I feel partially responsible for that. Yeah, I know, the wildly different art styles can be a bit off-putting for a group of collectors where OCD is almost a prerequisite, and admittedly, many of the cards strike out. However there are many hidden gems in this set if you're willing to notice the small details.

Take this Duke Snider card. This is a very nice looking card, one of the best I've seen in my handful of packs. It's colorful, the painting is well done and it's got the original '34 Diamond Stars background complete with pennant. Hey, what's on that pennant?

1955. AKA This:

Now that's a nice touch. Go ahead and give this set a chance, something might surprise you.

--- Image stolen from Robert Edwards Auctions because I STILL haven't gotten my catalog *sob*


Ryan aka Orioles Magic said...

I will definitely buy a few packs of this if I ever come across it.

night owl said...

I'll be hitting the stores later today to try to give it a chance. I am entirely expecting to strike out.

fullman said...

I actually love the set. Not every card is gold, but my favorite cards from this set are by far my favorites of this years releases. The Jackie Robinson card is spectacular. I love the Yadi Molina card (looks so competitive) Zach Duke with a Pittsburgh bridge in the background or Tim Wakefield licking the ball, awesome. Ryan Howard in a Phil Athletic's jersey and Joe Morgan in an Astros uni are at least unique, even if they are a bit out of left field. Love this set.