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Monday, May 24, 2010

You chose....


Unless you just really really want a Koji Uehara Topps206 short print. I've got four of 'em  now. Here's some nice un-priced scans of the front and back of the Play ball card.

Dig that crazy Sox logo.

This guy played for 14 seasons and I've never heard of him before. Also his name is Eric, not Don. And his nickname was Boob. Yes Boob. Apparently Boob McNutt was a popular Rube Goldberg cartoon back in the day, popular enough to get nicknamed after it at least. It's not very well known anymore though, which is why I hope no one sees that I have Boob McNutt in my Google search history. That's a mighty interesting image search, I'll tell you.

This card is in not overly terrible condition for being 71 years old. The slight paper loss on the back is a shame, but I've seen worse. And to think, I got it for the price of six 2009 Topps206 cards. Makes ya think.


gritz76 said...

Shhhh, don't tell everyone and blow it for us smart ones. After my Series 2 jumbos come I'm done with anything made after 1975, for the rest of the year. Even Ginter!

AdamE said...

So does this mean my guy with the awesome vintage bin made it to Georga recently??

dayf said...

It actually means that a local card shop just made a big vintage purchase and their clientele are big box-breakers so I get the goodies cheep.