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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Joy of a Completed Page #16

Well, joy of a filled page at least. Here's some Topps Wiiiiiiiidevision cards from way back in 1997. This set was put out to cash in on celebrate the re-release of the original three films before Everything Would Be Ruined Forever.  I used to have a bunch of these, but a few made it into sheets and now those are the ones I have left.

These are the size of vintage 'tallboy' cards like 1970 Topps basketball and 1965 Topps football. Just glossier, shiner and a little flimsier. I think they are more or less supposed to mimic the aspect ratio of modern movies. They were the shazizzle back in the day though. Extrreeeeeeme Wampa close-up!

The back has the standard non-sports expository text and a second smaller sized frame from the film. Sometimes the pics on the back were better than the ones on the front. Don't worry, this was 1997 and that means inserts.

Topps Laser insert cards! Remember Topps Laser baseball? Well, they used the technology here in a more effective fashion. Topps took some scenes with holograms and lasered up the image to make it look more, um, insubstantial or something. The Visage of the Emperor is all slashed up by frikkin lasers! now. The fronts are foil and don't scan well, but it actually gives it a more creepy look to be honest.  Ok, so it's cheesy. SO IS STAR WARS WHEN YOU THINK ABOUT IT TOO HARD. Quit thinking and just groove on teh lazars!

Ah, Admirals. The redshirts of Star Wars.


TJ said...

Take it back! Star Wars is not cheesy! Take it back now!

I remember those cards. I have a promo card from that set somewhere around here. Now I'm about to go nuts trying to find it. I really wish I had something better to do on a Saturday night.

Chuck's Used Cards said...

Love that 70's Show ...

oh, those came out in the 1990's ...

never mind. Staaaaar Wars ... nothing but Staaaaar Wars