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Friday, May 28, 2010

2010 Topps Series 2 - First pack, take two

Ok, I'm going to try this again. Here's the full post with no vanished images. Enjoy.

I got four packs of Topps Series two yesterday. When I first got to the shop, there were two packs left int he open box with Ty Cobb on the wrapper. The owner opened up a fresh box for me, I took one of the Tys from the first box and one pack each of the other wrapper subjects from the fresh box. The packs I got from the new box were... odd. I sort of wish I had picked up a couple more to see if the whole box was like that or if I am lucky at finding mutants. I opened the Babe first because he's the Babe.

586 Roy Oswalt

Roy in his last Topps card as an Astro. I've always liked Roy as a pitcher, I wish there was some way the Braves could flip Derek Lowe and a couple of prospects for Roy.

423 Brad Bergesen

I have no idea who this guy is. Man, I hope after a very nice selection of photographs in Series one, we're not back to the same pose on every card shenanigans Topps pulled a couple of years ago.

452 Allen Craig RC

I really like the new RC logo. The old one was too damn big and in your face. This one is more understated and doesn't walk all over the design.

480 Boston Red Sox

Team card blah blah blah. Where have I seen this picture before?

CMT71 Eddie Mathews Yo Momma

Awwww yeaaaah. I haven't finished the first one yet, but who cares. More Yo Mommas.

 VLC13 Eddie Murray Vintage Legends

This caused me to do a double take. Two 1964 Topps cards in the pack? It dawned on me that this was the anachronistic insert set new to this series. This doesn't look all that bad actually. Why Topps had to show off that ugly '87 Cy Young on the sell sheet I don't really know.

HWS24 Chase Utley History of the World Series

This insert set can go to hell. 25 cards and not one mention of any Braves World Series?? It's not like I'm an Astros fan bitching that my team's lone appearance was left out, The 1914 series was a miracle! The 1991 Series was the best of all time! This gets thrown on the pile with the "When they were Young" cards.

You sketch it card

I think these are one per box, same odds as a Red Hot Rookie redemption. I'd prefer the redemption. You can scribble on one of these and send it off to Topps, but there's an interesting clause on the back:
Sketches should be based only on photographs used in 2010 Topps or Bowman products. 
Well, there goes my 1981 Topps Al Hrabosky tribute. I need to figure out something suitably subversive to do with this thing.

568 Jarrod Saltalamacchia

The name on the back of Jarrod's jersey makes me lol. I don't recall ever seeing letters completely on their side on a jersey before. At least Texas didn't use tiny little squinchy letters on the back like Topps did with this card. The letters are so small it looks like they are etched into the foil.

488 Delwyn Young

When I first opened the pack I read Delwyn as Delmon and got horribly confused. Then I realized it was Delwyn and was still horribly confused. I vaguely remembered the Dodgers moved him to the Pirates but I didn't know he was an infielder. Maybe he isn't, this is the Pirates we're talking about. The pic on the card is awesome though so it was an enjoyable confusion.

417 Dallas Braden

Up your butt, A-Rod.

ToppsTown Attax Zack Greinke

I don't like this at all. I know I wasn't really enamored with ToppsTown. I redeemed a couple of codes, wasted a couple of hours and wasn't all that impressed to be honest. Still I'd rather have those things at least masquerading as inserts in my packs than a blatant advertisement for another product that doesn't do much for me either. These are one per pack, people. This Greinke is nifty and all but when you've got FIVE of them they will get real tedious real quick.

Yes, there were 12 cards in this pack. I don't know why. I thought I had gotten a retail pack for a second. For the record, in four ten card packs, I got 39 cards.  You figure out the math on that one.

Pick which pack you'd like to see next in the comments, Cobb, Mantle or Pedroia. I'm not posting on a holiday weekend if there's no one out there reading.


Captain Canuck said...

so the choices are
Babe Freakin Ruth
Ty Freakin Cobb
Mickey Freakin Mantle.....

or Dustin Pedroia????

Survey says.... Cobb.

zman40 said...

I'm going with Cobb, too.

Roy said...

Yes, Cobb. Delwyn Young plays 2B, 3B and LF I believe.

AdamE said...

Ok I know I am going to be the odd man out on this, I say Pedroia. No he isn't as good as those other guys but he is still a Red Sox. So I pick him.

Collective Troll said...

You post and we read, regardless of holidays...
I can't wait to see what you deem "suitably subversive" for your sketch card.

Justin Drummond said...

I normally just lurk, but I have to comment because I have a great sketch idea, but cannot draw: Alex Rodriguez...as a centaur. It's how he would want it.

Don said...

Vote for next pack Cobb. No Tiger bias at all, just no Yankees or Red Sox.

After looking at the WS checklist (I did not know about this subset) I feel your pain. Only Brave series is the Feller card from 48 (I think the Braves won that game, but am not sure). No Tigers except Gibson's 17 K's in 68. No mention of Lolich, the 45 post war series, Gibby's HR in 84 (or 88 for that matter if I looked at the checklist correctly).

I like the A-Rod as a Centaur idea. Maybe have a combo card of him standing next to Tex holding two bags of money.

Word Verification is "preck". I snickered at that one.

pete27 said...

Hey man,

Any interest in trading that Jarrod Saltalamacchia card?

ernest of canada said...

another vote for the a-fraud as centaur sketch...perhaps preening himself in a full length mirror.

dayf said...

Justin & Ernest:

ARod as a Centaur in front of a full length mirror is a mighty complicated sketch for a tiny little card!