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Monday, May 3, 2010

The Amazing Incredible Mustache that Ate Hoboken

My original plan for showing off my packs of National Chicle (which might be the only ones I get thanks to Topps' release date fuckery and subsequent jacking up of the prices at hobby shops) was to pick out my favorite card from every pack and doing a post on each while ignoring the all the hideous Nelson Cruzes in the set. So of course in pack two I get a run of four awesome cards. I've already shown off the Philly Foxx, so now it's time to to show off a true Hall of Fame 'stache.

Artist: Paul Lempa

Just lookit that horseshoe, baby. I'm not sure there's anything I dislike about this card. The soupcatcher is incredible. Thurman is sporting a steely gaze even though it's obvious he's posing for a baseball card in the original picture. I totally dig the '36 Diamond Stars style background. The 50th anniversary of Yankee Stadium patch on the sleeve is a nice touch. This is just a great card. There's a short print of Munson too:

Artist: Jason Davies

That's Munson in a present day Yankee uniform. You can tell by the New Yankee Stadium patch because lord knows everything else looks exactly the same. I don't know why but I don't like this one as much. It might be a by product of  my odd habit of loving every Yankee team before Mattingly and loathing all the ones after. It's probably the look on Munson's face though. Like he's depressed at having to be on the same team as weenies like A-Fraud and Tei$eira. Even the mustache looks like it's been tamed a bit due to the Yankee facial hair policy. And where's his left handed batting glove go? Surely the Yankees can afford two for the guy.

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