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Monday, May 17, 2010

Everything's gone all to hell

I've got a cold, kids are all sick, I've got four packages - all way overdue - ready to go and I have no time to get to the post office, My vintage Braves binder got a pot of water dumped on it, I've had at least three massive card avalanches today alone, I can't find half of my collection amongst all the junk, I don't even know who I owe cards to anymore and this morning this happened:

The 'puter, she is dead. Well, maybe not dead, but coughing up blood at least. I can probably save the stuff on the hard drive but I gotta get a new one. This will cause some complications:

No scans till I get a new computer.
No pics off my phone until I get a new computer.
No images off my hard drive until I have the time to do some troubleshooting.

Posting will be erratic to say the least over the next week. I can still surf, e-mail and even post, I've got a Linux box for that. I'm too lazy to deal with the drivers for my scanner and stuff so card images will be scarce. In the meantime I'm going to to some organizing, e-mailing mailing, sorting and wantlisting. Tomorrow though, I'm done with today right now. This minor setback might force me to get creative with some posts in the near future. Hmm, there might be a silver lining in this bluescreen after all.


Anonymous said...

Press any key to continue. I AM THE KEYMASTER.

dayf said...

If you think I'm the gatekeeper you done gone crazy.

beardy said...

Didn't this happen to you last year as well? Time to either

A. Buy a Mac,


B. Properly build up that damn Linux box.

Ubuntu anyone?

SpastikMooss said...

I second the mac-ness...I'm a pc person and have a desktop running windows 98, but my computer of choice is my girlfriend's old macbook. So sleek, so sexy.

Also, word verification is couckaw. Sounds dirty.

sruchris said...

What type of scanner does poor old dayf have? Did you check to see if sane supports it. An "apt-get install xsane simple-scan" *should* get your scanner working.

dayf said...

I'd do B, but I'm lazy. A ain't happening ever.

I actually fix crappy PCs for a living, it's just when I do that all day I don't want to come home and do it. I'll figure something out in the meantime, I'm crafty like that.

Stormy said...

Time to go Mac!

Captain Canuck said...

it's funny... less than half of 1% of people use mac, but whenever there is a problem with a pc, they all pop out at once screaming BUY A MAC!!!
they must have a bulletin board somewhere so they all know where to post...

dayf said...

Macs are overpriced garbage. My shitty XP box lasted over five years and the hardware was three years old before I even installed anything. Macs are obsolete in a year and a half simply because the design isn't fasionable anymore. I'll decide what I do with my hardware, thank you very much.