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Thursday, May 13, 2010

A good pack spoiled

I ended up on another late night Wally World mission tonight. I didn't wanna go, but sometimes you have to make sacrifices. I sacrificed by picking up a few packs of Topps out of boredom. I was hoping for a code card or two to hold in reserve. It's a giant march of the late '70s in there right now so I won't be redeeming any anytime soon, but it's nice to have 'em just in case. I unfortunately got none, but I did get what could have been an awesome pack if not for a horrible flaw. My flaw, let me show it to you.

93 Joe Nathan

Joe's decent, too bad he's hurt. There's an odd baseball stitching shaped bump on the front of the card. I have no clue how it got there.

148 Cody Ross

Fish annoy me, but this is a great photo.

273 Pat Neshek

The patron saint of card bloggers. One of these days I need to get over my irrational fear of pestering celebrities and send a card to Pat to get signed.

100 Albert Pujols

Keeping the 'Best Player in Baseball by a Wide Margin" seat warm for Jason Heyward for the next few years. Gotta love pullin' an Albert. 

20 Tommy Hanson

YEEEAH TOMMY. The dude's been in the league less than a year and he's already the Ace of the staff. This is shaping up to be a hell of a pack and we haven't even gotten to the inserts yet.

259 Daniel Hudson

Don't know who he is, but he's a rookie. Next is the last card before the inserts, let's see what we go-


I hate everything about this card. Fffff - I just - auugh. Does someone need this? please take it from me.

TR39 Vlad Guerrero Turkey Red

I need this card but I can't enjoy it. The pain is too fresh.

No 1 in a series of 45 Babe Ruth Blue Back

Oh thank goodness, the power of a Good Yankee can overpower the power of an Evil one. This is the perfect card to sooth my shaken spirit.

TTT6 Ichiro ToppsTown

Any Ichiro is a good Ichiro. Things are starting to seem normal again. I finally tried out Topps Town and I was not impressed. My kid might like it though, so I think I'll give him my codes this weekend and let him go to town, so to speak.

50 Zach Grienke

I got a bunch of Greinke cards in the packs I got. Just one of those weird collation quirks I guess. All of them are going in a package I am mailing to Heartbreaking cards tomorrow 'cuz I really just don't need 'em. Matt is happy I got stuck at work today and had no time to hit the post office now.

113 Willy Tavares

Nice looking card of Willy about to try to beat out an infield hit.

That could have been a very good pack if not for the awfulness. I will try to think of the pleasant cards like Hanson and Ruth instead of gimmicky abominations. I just need to remember that this too shall pass.


night owl said...

Is that Kim Jones in the background of the pie card?

That just makes the card even more offensive.

Jonathan @ RGB Cards said...

You could always put in on eBay with a $29.95 Buy It Now price...

But then again, you actually want someone to take it off your hands.

Alarion said...

It's an ugly card, but I need it for this: http://www.justcardboard.com/2010-topps-bb/

Maybe we can work something out - or I can buy it from you :)

Andy said...


the hot chick behind posada doesn't help?

dayf said...

When Willy breaks the Mendoza line I'll think about speeling hiz naem write.

White Sox Cards said...

Interesting pack, to say the least. Hudson is basically the sixth starter for the Sox. Currently in AAA, waiting as insurance for a starter to falter.