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Sunday, September 27, 2009

2009 American Heritage Heroes Wantlist

I have bought my last pack of this stuff. Probably. Please help me finish it before I buy more. Once I complete the set I have an interesting theory I want to test out. The only insert set I'm chasing at this time is the Space one, so all the other inserts are up for grabs. If you need an insert and have no Space cards I'll swap insert for insert as well.

If you are interested in a trade, please post a comment here and send me an e-mail with HERITAGE TRADE in the header. I will get back to you as soon as I have time, most likely on the weekend.

9 Bud Day

11 Thomas Jefferson
14 Claiborne Pell
18 Abraham Lincoln

21 Elizabeth Cady Stanton
24 Frank Robinson
26 Jackie Robinson
28 Emma Willard
29 Mother Jones
30 Samuel Gompers

36 Alexander Shaler
37 John Finn
38 Fire Fighter (?)

42 Wyatt Earp
49 David Lim
50 Justin Garner

57 American Red Cross
58 VFW

61 Jonas Salk
62 Charles Drew
66 Robert Jarvik
67 Charles Mayo
68 Elizabeth Blackwell

73 Clara Barton

83 James Monroe
87 Silas Deane
88 Woodrow Wilson
90 Dean Acheson

92 Upton Sinclair

103 Lexington and Concord
105 Nathan Hale
108 Underground railroad
111 Seneca Falls
116 Dolittle Raid
118 Guadalcanal
120 Battle of the Bulge
124 March to Montgomery
125 Flight 93

Short prints and Inserts:

These are all ones I have. Other than the Space Program set, I'm only interested in having a type card from each at this time and I'll gladly swap these to someone who is actually trying to complete the set. So trade me your Spaceys!

Short Prints: (looking to keep one Lincoln and one Obama)
132 Abraham Lincoln
144 Barack Obama

Chrome: (looking to keep one of each subset)

C51 Civil Rights Movement #1710/1776
C79 Erin Brockovich #1537/1776
C98 Rachel Carson #1393/1776

Medal of Honor:
MOH1 Eugene Carr
MOH4 Orion Howe
MOH16 Mary Walker
MOH21 Isaiah Hayes
MOH23 Bernard Irwin
MOH30 Hiram Bearss
MOH34 Smedley Butler
MOH41 James Madison
MOH42 Floyd Bennett

Medal of Freedom:

MOF14 Charlton Heston
MOF24 Fred Rogers

Heroes of Sport:

HS1 Jackie Robinson
HS2 Babe Ruth
HS12 Roy Campanella
HS13 Dan Marino
HS22 Reggie Jackson

Heroes of Spaceflight:

HSF15 Gemini XI
HSF20 Apollo 9
HSF22 Apollo 11
HSF-25 Apollo 14

A Hero's Journey:

HJ8 Abe Lincoln
HJ13 Abe Lincoln




AHARJ Robert Jarvik

Doubles - please take these off mah hands

4 Norman Shwartzkopf (a little dinged up)
8Col. Gordon Roberts
12 James Madison
17 Charles Weltner
25 Lucy Stone
31 Ben Franklin
34 Edward Croker
43 Serpico
47 J Edgar Hoover
53 Audubon Society
54 Navajo Code
72 Norman Borlaug
75 Helen Keller
76 Florence Kelly
77 Herbert Hoover
79 Erin Brockovich
81 Herry Truman
82 George Marshall
86 Dwight Eisenhower
89 John Quincy Adams
97 William Garrison
98 Rachael Carson
102 Paul Revere
104 Bunker Hill (2)
106 George Washington
114 Wright Bros.
115 Belleau Wood
119 D-Day (2)
121 Iwo Jima
122 Jackie Robinson

(Full checklist, if anyone's interested)

Italics= trade pending
Strike=received in trade
Blue=held for pending trade
Yellow=gone in trade
Normal=available for trade
Large Bold Blinking Italic Red=Dayf's been drinking again


Are No said...

Hey there! I'm pretty sure I have all the base cards 9-125 that you listed... will double-check. They're all in near-mint or better condition, if you care about that.

Zpop said...

I have several of the base cards if you don't get them from Are No, and a bunch of space cards including a little piece of the Space Shuttle Discovery that should interest you.