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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

9 nines for 9/9/09

Gordie Howe

Ted Williams

Sonny Jurgensen

Bob Pettit

Hank Sauer

Reggie Jackson

Steve McNair

Bill Mazeroski

Chone Figgins


dc said...

We were hoping you'd do something like this. Most excellent! Love love love the Ted Williams card.

Mr P said...

Fantastic post - I love it when you do posts like these, but wHat about Wayne Gretzky?
Or is 99 not considered the same as 9?

dayf said...

If I wasn't able to find a Chone Figgins card, I concidered dropping Jungensen and putting The Great One for two more 9s.

I'm kicking myself for forgetting that Minnie Minoso was also #9. Thankfully Steve was able to bail me out on that one.