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Friday, September 4, 2009

It Came From The Oddball Box - part 7: The Greatest

I have fifteen damn minutes before I go to work to write a post and my computer acts up. So now you just Jim Brown and only Jim Brown. Enjoy....

Okay, I got a few minutes to spruce this post up. These here Jim Brown cards were amogst the refuse in that oddball junk box. They are reprints from a Football Card Collector's Kit I bought back in the early 80s. Not surprisingly, three of the cards in the kit were of Jim Brown including this nifty looking '65 Philadelphia reprint.

Here's a reprint of a Post card. Yep there were football cards on the back of cereal boxes too.

Here's the backs of those cards one books for fifty dollars!!!

oh yeah...


1 comment:

Captain Canuck said...

I was so psyched about these Jim Brown cards until I saw "reprint"

still cool though