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Thursday, September 17, 2009

6 in 30 - Feetsball edition

Her's another binder for Dinged Corner's 6 in 30 game. I picked my old football binder for this one. I put most of this one together in the late 90's so it's a nice time capsule of my favorite players back then. Here's my 6:

1983 Topps Walter Payton

Payton got the first page in the binder so that gives you an idea of how high I hold him in esteem. I love the '83 Topps football design too, especially the team name at the top. Excellent card of an all-time great.

1994 Eric Zeier Georgia Football Schedule

Eric was the Dawgs' QB while I was at college and I was always rooting for him in the NFL. Too bad he never got a real chance to start for a team. He didn't look too bad in the few games he got to start.

198something Topps Hershel Walker 1000 yard club

I forgot to check the year on this thing before I put it back in the binder. As a Gerogia Fan, you gotta love Hershel. No, really, you gotta. It's a law down here. If you are caught being a Bulldog fan and not liking Hershel you get arrested and put on one of those Cool Hand Luke chain gang thingys. I miss the 1000 Yard Club inserts that used to be in every pack, but I don't think they'd work nowadays. One per pack insserts kinda suck in the 21st century, just look at ToppsTown cards.

1996 Classic Visions Emmitt Smith

Lots of shiny holofoil and glowy outlines surround Emmitt. Even though he's from (gak) Florida, dude could RUN.

1990 Fleer Jerry Rice All-Pro

The streak of Bulldogs and running backs ends! This is a pretty nice early '90s insert if I do say so myself. I'm a huge fan of Jerry Rice. After watching him utterly ruin my Falcons for years I think I have Stockholm Syndrome or something. Best wide receiver ever.

1992 Pro Set Brett Favre MVP insert

Yeah, I like Brett Favre. Even though he's a complete pain in the ass nowadays. Hey, he was drafted a Falcon. I have misguided loyalties. This card was an insert from 1992 Pro Set which is when Pro Set started to fall apart. This card looks nice though.

This card isn't from the binder, but is instead the card used for my countdown over there. '92 Upper Deck looks a lot better than '92 Pro Set. I need to quit looking at these old cards from the '90s before I get interested in them again. I don't have time for that stuff right now. More 6 in 30s to come eventually, some baseball ones too!


Anonymous said...

This is a very cool selection of old school football cards. I love that Emmitt Smith card. It is pretty nice looking considering it's a non-licensed product.

DC said...

The Herschel Walker card is kind of mesmerizing.