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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Lightning Strikes Twice

American Heritage Series Two or Heroes Edition or whatever the heck it's called is just as cool as the first series. I found blasters and jumbo packs at the local wally world while picking up some groceries today. Since blasters are 8 packs (64 cards) for $20 and the jumbos are the same price per card at 16 cards for 5 bucks, I went cheap and picked up a couple of jumbos. I would very much like to show off some images from the set, but unfortunately the PC with the scanner attached is in a state of disrepair. I will have it fixed tomorrow morning, but here's the set breakdown in the meantime:

Cards 1-10: Military Heroes - 1960 Topps design.
Cards 11-20: Political Heroes - 1952 Topps design.
Cards 21-30: Activists - 1953 Topps design.
Cards 31-40: Bravest (Firemen) - 1986 Topps design.
Cards 41-50: Finest (Police) - 1988 Topps design.
Cards 51-60: Heroic Groups - 1967 Topps design.
Cards 61-70: Medical Heroes - 1987 Topps design.
Cards 71-80: Humanitatians - 1966 Topps design.
Cards 81-90: Diplomatic Heroes- 1989 Topps design.
Cards 91-100: Authors and Journalists - 1962 Topps design.
Cards 101-125: Events - 1961 Topps design (again).
Cards 126-150: Something to do with Obama, I guess SP - 19?? Topps design.

I was somewhat disappointed to see some designs were repeated from the first series. 1953 and 1962 designs are back and the event cards stay with the (boring but utilitarian) 1961 Topps design. The horribly overused 1952 Topps design is back as well, but that was used as an insert set last time. Also odd is that the 70's are completely shut out, but the last half of the '80s are all in. Did we really need '62 and '87 designs in the same set? Why repeat designs at all? Why doesn't Topps consult me on these things?

I also got cards from three different insert sets in the packs:
Medal of Honor ?? (odds not on the pack)
Heroes of Sport 1:4 packs
American Heroes 1:126 packs

Other insert sets I didn't get:
SP Base 1:4 packs
Chrome parallel 1:7 packs
Refractor 1:129 packs (!)
Heroes of Spaceflight 1:3 packs (dammit!)
Presidential Medal of Freedom winners 1:2 packs
A Hero's Journey 1:4 packs
Assorted relics and autos and cut autos and parallels

I'm going to the Gwinnett Braves game tomorrow, but I'll have some scans up by tomorrow evening at the latest.


thehamiltonian said...

I have some spaceflight cards, I'd be interested in swapping for your Medal of Honors that I need. I'll have my details posted tomorrow.

Kevin said...

Completely off-topic, but I thought you'd like to know that Dawgs LB Daniel Ellerbe made the Ravens' 53-man roster as an undrafted free agent. Yes, even a baseball diehard like myself is ready for some football. Must have something to do with the O's march to 100 losses.

Captain Canuck said...

Gwinnett game tomorrow?!?!

You'll see Jason Heyward, he just got promoted to AAA