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Monday, September 28, 2009

Goodwin Threes - Minis

Mini cards are by design a little smaller than regular cards so I bunched 'em up. The minis are just about the only reason I keep getting packs of this stuff anyway.

Bad Ass Men

So who is more macho? A Wild West showman or the greatest third baseman in the history of forever? My vote is with the guy in the powder blue polyester.

Kick Ass Women

Kristi Yamaguchi won the Gold Medal at Albertville while her teammates (a couple of folks named Kerrigan and Harding) were skating about causing serious drama. Now that's clutch. I'm not all that into poker so I'm not sure who Ms. Ng is, but you gotta like the royal flush.

A Band of Gypsies

Two mini cards in a pack = cool. Every pack like that also having a 20th Anniversary insert = not cool. Buying a pack and getting exactly one base card is a bit disheartening as well. Oh well, I can always cheer myself up with some Hendrix.

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maine mariner said...

A belated Happy Birthday to the best 3rd baseman of all time Michael Jack Schmidt.