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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Chipper Jones Press Plate

Many thinks to Upper Deck for sending these press plates on to Wax Heaven and to Mario for blessing me with this one in exchange for some poetry judging duties.

This is my third press plate (I've gotten two from Mario so far) and I think it's fair to say I like this one best. It's really hard to beat a plate from the back of a Topps Total dual player card featuring JC Romero too. Set aside the fact that it's Chipper, and this card pretty much fills the only hole in my Chipper collection (well, I still need a certified auto, but I got an auto and that's enough) the most fantastic part about the card/plate is the fact that there are still splotches of magenta ink down on the bottom above the logo. Cool.
Mario isn't even close to done, check out this bit of jaw dropping rainbow action that he's giving away next. The contest is supposed to have a Halloween theme if I'm reading correctly. Maybe the plates can go to the person who has the best video pack rip in the style of Michael Jackson's Thriller?


Mark's Ephemera said...

Nice card/plate/thing.

I haven't actually seen any of them in person, but wouldn't it make sense that the plate would be reversed?

How do these things work?

SIXTYfeetSIXinches said...

so jealous, amazing card!

Tunguska said...

Ummm...I may be totally missing the boat here but, if these are press plates for the actual cards then should the image on them not be reversed?

Like I said, I have missed many boats in the past, this could be another one of them.