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Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Nothing says "Minor League Baseball" like a good mascot. The Gwinnett Braves have that mascot:

Chopper the Groundhog. Why a groundhog? There's a southern version of Punxsutawney Phil that lives in Lilburn named General Beauregard Lee. Yep, this is Georgia all right. As for the name Chopper, substitute a vowel and you'll figure it out. As you can see, Chopper rides around on an ATV, bangs on a drum to lead the croud in claps and engages in typical mascot shenanigans often involving hassling umps and the opposing team coaches.

Here's a YooToob viddy of Chopper in action:

He is much funnier when doing skits. Chopper has excellent comedic timing. One involved a pink feather boa, a pretty girl and a hapless player in an opposing uniform. Another featured a metal trash can that bounced on top of the opposing team's dugout several times. A kid ended up in the trash can at one point which seemed a suitable place at the time. I don't know why I'm writing this paragraph like I'm doing a 3rd grade theme paper. It just seems to fit. Chopper has a goatee and I think that's cool.

Chopper's a cool mascot, but he's slack as hell about updating his blog. Maybe I should get in touch and offer to be a ghost writer?


DC said...

Greatness. And normally, we don't go for goatees, but on this fellow, it's quite dashing.

Captain Canuck said...

I gotta know... what's with the Arnold reference in the title?

Just random weirdness?

dayf said...

When you are limited to 10 minutes of writing time while you wolf down breakfast before racing to work, posts tend to get a little stream of conciousnessy. So Random weirdness os one way of putting it, first thing that popped out of my head is another. Come to think of it, random weirdness in my head is redundant.