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Friday, September 25, 2009

Set Completed - 1983 Topps

My 1983 Topps set is finally complete after 26 years. I found the last card for the set when I took a detour on the way home to Atlanta Sports Cards after a dreadful week. I was scrounging through the dollar box for old cards when I looked through the Orioles pile on a lark. There was Cal, swinging away. I really need to print out a cheat sheet of cards I need for the times I randomly show up at card shops. I found a ton of neat stuff there cheap. I'll show some of it off over the next week.

I want do do something cool to celebrate the completion of this set, but I'm not sure what to do. A 6 in 30 for the binder? Post the best card from every team? Scan and post a 9 card sheet every day for 88 days? Leave me some suggestions in the comments and I'll put a poll up on Monday.


Captain Canuck said...

cut out all of the little circular pictures, and put them back in, but in a different player.
For example, the Cal Ripken you just got. Put the face of the pitcher that Cal was facing in that at bat.
Get the family involved. Craft day!

Mad Guru said...

Just post the Pirates cards. People won't believe that there are non-tobacco cards from a Pittsburgh baseball team with a record over .500.

Actually, looking at the roster, put up the guys who were called in front of the grand jury in the Pittsburgh drug trials. Let those youngsters learn that there were drug problems before steroids.

dayf said...

Canuck: Been there, done that. That's part of the reason why it's taken my 26 years to complete the thing.

Guru: It wan't that long ago that the Pirates were one out away from the World Series with a third-string rookie catcher up to bat. Oh wait, that was a long time ago.


Dinged Corners said...

That's great, congratulations. Nice card, too.

Our vote: completification of a set calls for 6 in 60. Yes, that's right. We give you, because you're dayf, a *full minute* to look at all 1983 cards and pull out six that make you happy. With commentary, please.

bailorg said...

Maybe you could do a running feature on the glory numbers (I forget the term Ben Henry used), you know, 1, 100, 200, 300, etc., maybe even doing the 50's and further down the list if you are so inclined.

madding said...

Post the best card for every team... actually, as long as Willie McGee's vaunted rookie card makes a Cardboard Junkie appearance, it's good with me.

Mad Guru said...

You could also take bailorg's idea and apply it to meaningful Braves numbers.

755 - Aaron's career HR
363 - Spahn's career W
311 - Francouer's career OBP
1914 - Wait, that won't work.

Well, you get the idea.

And I second Madding's suggestion to get Willie up there.

Oh, and congratulations. Forgot my manners.

deal said...

6 in 30 just fits into are modern mcfastfood information world. but if you have more time, I love the Heroes number Idea.

How bout take the Braves 83 teams set and pair each card with another card of that player.

GOGOSOX60 said...

I have my 83 set in pages, but like yours, 26 years have gone by and not yet completed....what am I waiting for???

Dinged Corners said...

Since aspersions have been cast upon 6/30, we want to add that we think of the approach as instantaneous, no-outside-influence, gut reaction truth. This proven scientific method is not for the weak-willed, 'McCard' kind of people who just can't handle the truth.


deal said...

I withdraw "McCard".

For the record -

I honestly love love love the concept....

Here is the sad irony - I haven't done 6 in :30 because I haven't been able to make the time.

--David said...

I agree with the 6 in :30 idea!

Congrats on completing the set!

Matt said...

Post the starting lineups for the All Star game that year, with commentary/smartassery. Nut please no Willie McGee... a fine ball player to be sure, but he still gets my old man riled up with just the mention of his name. "If it wasn't for him, the Brewers could have won it all in '82! How did that scrawny little SOB hit two homers against us?!?"

night owl said...

Since it's the '83 set, post just the Phillies and Orioles and have them re-enact the dullest World Series of the modern age, the '83 Series. Except this time make it interesting and exciting.

dayf said...

GOSOXGO: send me a list of what you need. I have piles of this stuff in the basement somewhere assuming the floods didn't get 'em.

As for 6 in 30/60, I'm going to do that as well as whatever wins the poll. I can probably pick 6 cards from the set just by thinking about it and not even opening the binder.

MattR said...

Those are all good ideas (except the one from the good Captain). You should do them all. You can get at least a month's worth of entries out of it.