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Monday, September 7, 2009

Easier than e-mail

I'm being lazy tonight and just posting these instead of dealing with G-Mail. Why not share.


I found this Jose Canseco card while going through a '90s insert binder for Dinged Corners' 6 in 30 game. This is the 1996 Collector's Choice Crash The Game Contest card for Jose Canseco. It's the rarer Gold foil parallel instead of the silver foil version. If you want it or need it just let me know and it's on the way. Speaking of DC...


Here's that Joshua Chamberlain card you mentioned in my Heritage post. You want it, you got it. I am making a post office run sometime this week so you will have a package coming soon.

Also, zman won the Hanson contest so he'll be getting that, and the Royals fans' packages are coming along nicely. I have to figure out how the heck to package Matt's though, he might get two shipments. I have Captain Canuck's package almost ready to go although I can't find his Timelines Wantlist anywhere assuming he even wants any. Two other packages that I am trying to get out is one for Stats on the Back (which I need to actually e-mail him about) and For Thorzul'scontest. That requires searching for stuff on wantlists so that might be further delayed. But that's where I am at the moment, anyone else to whom I owe lots of stuff to still( yeah my grammar sucks, I'm rushing to type) e-mail me and get on the top of my list. Thanks for your support.


SpastikMooss said...

is that the actual redemption card of Canseco? I actually redeemed a Griffey Jr. in like '98 and it's one of my favorite cards of all time, but I hardly ever see ones that were actually redeemed.

Also, I posted in your needs lists that I may have a topps 2000 need of yours - Tom Glavine Series 2 #241. I know you're a busy guy, so you can just answer here if you're interested. I'd throw some other fun stuff in there too (well as fun as I can do considering 75% of my stuff is bad wax haha).

So let me know. And if you're interested, I'll send him and stuff your way.

Captain Canuck said...


that's enuff typing for one night...

dinged corners said...

Sir, we do indeed want that card! Oh my.

Wax Heaven said...

Hmm, I probably don't have that card. I have a couple of versions of it, just not the gold.


Shane said...

Any relation to Joba?