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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tristar Minor League Pack

Got this pack of Prospects plus and a team set at the game last weekend. These were 75% off so they were actually decently priced at $3.75.

These were special Affiliate packs put together by Tristar. One pack of Prospects Plus, a card of a Braves draft pick and a special instant win game card inserted inside a very shiny deck loader sleeve. I don't understand why baseball card manufacturers (or the guys who repack them more likely) don't understand that baseball card collectors don't like protective sleeves where one side is opaque. Great for Magic: the Gathering decks, teh suck for reading stats.

I like the packaging just for the collection of the Braves' minor league logos.

Here's the braves dude I got nestled inside the deck protector. When I first did a search on Tyler Stovall I found this. what?? How can he be a Reds draft pick and still have a Tristar card with Braves plastered all over it? Apparently there were two Tyler Stovalls picked in the 2008 draft. One by the Bravos in the 2nd round, the other by the Reds in the 20th. Our Tyler had a decent year in Danville in '09 but needs a lot more seasoning. Maybe I'll see him in Rome next year.

I'm not showing the whole pack of cards, I don't do that anymore. I will show the best card and the reason why I don't have to but any more of these things. Gordon Beckham, the pride of Georgia, looking surly while wearing an angry Kannapolis Intimidators cap. The face fits the cap. Grrrrrr! Gordon has been called up to The Show! and is having a nice rookie year with 10 dingers so far. Has Gordon got any real rookie cards yet? He'll look good in Heritage High Series.


Captain Canuck said...

email sent bud..

night owl said...

Beckham's in the Topps Chrome set, I know that.