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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Showin' off stuff from the card shop - The Elder One

Here's the oldest thing I picked up from the shop last Friday. At least I think it's the oldest. Pretty sure it is. 1940 Play Ball Eddie Joost:

Joost had a pretty nice career with the Reds, Braves, Red Sox and A's. He was a two time All-Star and won a World Series with the Reds in 1940 where he played in all seven games. This card has a "1939 Pennant" logo to honor the National League Champion Reds. I had wanted a card with that logo on it for a while and this one was sitting in the case for me. The price? three bucks because there's a crease in the middle of the card. Who cares about a crease in a 69 year old card? People born in 1940 got creases all over them and they're ok.

The back states that Joost was a brilliant fielder but not a great hitter. Back in the day you could play shortstop even if you couldn't hit a lick as long as you had a good glove. Once Eddie moved on to the A's, Connie Mack convinced him to start wearing eyeglasses. It worked, Eddie finally started hitting! His newly found good eye also allowed him to draw over 1000 walks for his career. Joost was the last manager of the Philadelphia A's as he was player/manager in 1954. I'm not sure if Eddie has a card of his time with the Braves in 1943 and 1945 as there were very few sets produced during war time. This isn't a bad card as a substitute if I ever get around to doing a "One card of every Brave player ever" collection.


Carl Crawford Cards said...

$3!?! Man, that's an absolute steal. I'd kill for a card shop that stocked stuff like that in my area. KILL.

maine mariner said...

Very nice. Is it me or does he resemble Tom Brady?

Anonymous said...

May I ask which card shop you got this treasure? Thank you sir.

Anonymous said...

Eddie Joost looks great for being just shy of 94! My friends and I were just having dinner at a local restaurant in Cameron Park, CA and he was sitting at the table across from us having his dinner with the owner. Our waiter pointed him out to us since we were talking baseball.