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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Tommy Hanson G-Braves Schedule

Things I learned from the Gwinnett Braves game today:

1) Unlike Turner Field, you can't bring food into the stadium even though I specifically looked for a prohibition on that on their website and found nothing saying I couldn't do it.

2) Jason Heyward looks incredible. 20 years old and the guy looks better than anyone in the current Braves outfield right now. 3rd inning he got a solid hit to plate the eventual winning run, then stole second, then stole a run when he scored from 2nd on an infield hit that was almost the third out in the inning. He looks beautiful out in right field too. Just beautiful, man. Anyone worried about Frenchy, fugheddaboudit. Heyward's the deal.

3) if you take kids to the Gwinnett stadium, be aware that they have bouncy things for them to jump on in the outfirld for two bucks a pop or $15 for an all-day pass. Between this and the food thing, it is actually cheaper for me to bring my son to a proper Braves game even though both food and parking are cheaper in Gwinnett.

4) I am officially a Brian Barton fan and am sad that he will very likely not get another chance to make the Braves' roster. It just means he'll become an astronaut sooner I guess. His at-bat music pushed me over the edge from "yeah, Barton's an ok player" to "I am a Brian Barton fan".

5) The goofy Groundhog mascot I mocked a while back is freakin' hysterical. Best mascot I've ever seen for a Braves team that wasn't an actual Native American. Of course we've had some real crappy mascots here in the ATL, but Chopper is legitimately talented. Call him and Jason up ASAP.

I learned some other stuff but those are the important things. Oops, I forgot a very important thing. End of the season gift shop blowouts rock. I got the G-Braves' team set, a pack of minor league cards and all three programs from this year for less than the prce of an all-day bouncy pass. One last thing for people who read all the way down here on a Sunday night: Be the first to post the attendance for the game I went to today and I'll send you that Tommy Hanson schedule up there. This is the age of the interwebs, someone should be able to figure it out.


zman40 said...


Sounds like you had a good time. I look forward to checking out the G Braves next time I am in GA.

madding said...

I really liked Barton when he was with St. Louis. The Cardinals announcers constantly made fun of his at-bat music, though. I like pretty much anything that's different, personally.