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Monday, September 28, 2009

Showin' off stuff from the card shop

Part one of several. I hit Atlanta Sports Cards on the way home from work last week and walked away with a lot of neet stuff for not a whole lot of dough. I completed my '83 Topps set for a start, as I'm sure you've heard by now. In the same dollar boxes where I found Cal, I also picked up a couple of Braves. At the time, I wasn't entirely certain that I didn't already have these cards but I got them anyway. they were just too cool to stay in the dollar box.

2008 Topps Heritage Brian McCann All Star SP

The original 1959 set had four Braves in the All-Star Subset, the Heritage version had but one. Even if I have it in my binder already, I can't pass up on a McCann short print.

2009 Allen & Ginter Chipper Jones Sketch Card

I'm almost positive someone sent me this card already, but a sketch of a slack-jawed Chipper watching a ball go Very Far had to come home with me. I enjoy Chipper cards where the text on the back mention Mickey Mantle and Eddie Murray. Very nice company to keep right there. Oddly these were the only Braves to go home with me that day, other than one exception I'll discuss later. I think I'll show off the oldies next, what do you think? I can do oldies or some brand new stuff that's getting rave reviews around the blogoplex. Got 'em both cheap and am itching to show 'em off.


Captain Canuck said...

ummmm *flips coin*... oldies puhleeze.

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GCA said...

If you've got an extra Chipper sketch, I'll trade ya for it. I already have some stuff that I pulled from your want lists a while ago..